McDonald's denies mocking Jollibee over viral ‘fried towel’ incident

MANILA, Philippines –
McDonald's Philippines clarified that it didn't post any derogatory content about its rival fast food chain Jollibee following the "fried towel" incident.

McDonald's denied it posted derogatory ads against Jollibee

Earlier, Jollibee has gone viral after a customer posted on Facebook that she received a deep fried towel instead of the fried Chicken Joy she ordered. Following the incident, Jollibee Foods Corp. issued a statement that an investigation is underway. The branch was also ordered to shut down for 3 days and its team to be retrained.


The incident became a trending topic as more netizens started sharing memes and jokes about the "fried towel." One of the popular posts being shared on social media was an alleged ad from McDonald's. In the content, it shows a photo of McDonald's fried chicken with the tagline "Our competitor threw in the towel." It seems to imply that Jollibee already "quit in defeat" when it comes to their rivalry over the best fried chicken.

McDonald’s Philippines PR & Communications Senior Manager Adi Timbol-Hernandez confirmed that the post was fake and denied issuing any material against Jollibee.

McDonald's denied it posted derogatory ads against Jollibee
McDonald's denied it posted derogatory ads against Jollibee | Photo Courtesy: Facebook

"McDonald’s Philippines did not and would not produce or release any disparaging material against any brand," the statement said.

"To reiterate, this piece of content was not made by McDonald’s Philippines and was never posted on any of the brand’s digital assets," Hernandez added.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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