Jollibee suspends BGC branch ops after viral ‘fried towel’ incident

    MANILA, Philippines –
    Jollibee Foods Corp. on Thursday issued an official statement on the complaint of a customer who received ‘fried towel’ instead of fried chicken on her delivery order.

    Jollibee Food Corp suspends operations of its branch for "fried towel" incident.

    Jollibee statement fried towel

    The fastfood giant ordered the temporary closure of one of its branches in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City following the viral post on Facebook of customer Alique Perez, who shared photos and videos of the Chicken Joy turned deep ‘fried towel’.

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    In a statement, Jollibee said that their Bonifacio-Stop Over branch will be closed for three days starting June 3.

    "We are deeply concerned about this matter and have conducted a thorough investigation on the incident. It is unfortunate that deviations from Jollibee’s standard food preparation procedures occurred on the part of certain personnel of the store,” the statement reads.

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    Furthermore, Jollibee will look into the branch's compliance with their health and safety procedures. They will also retrain the team and personnel to ensure that the incident will never occur again. It has reminded all its stores to follow and ensure adherence to standard procedures.

    “As a result of the incident, we have directed the Jollibee Bonifacio- Stop Over branch to close for three days starting tomorrow, June 3, to thoroughly review its compliance with procedures and retrain its store team to ensure that this will not happen again. We will also send out reminders to all stores to ensure the strict adherence to Jollibee’s food preparation systems.”

    In the end, Jollibee assured its customers that they will continue to deliver “excellent quality products” and their stores to follow the high standards the company has set.

    Jollibee suspends BGC branch ops after viral ‘fried towel’ incident

    “Jollibee has carefully developed and complied with food preparation systems to ensure that we deliver excellent quality products and customer satisfaction. We will continue to endeavor to deliver on the high standards we have set for ourselves and our franchisees.”

    — Sally, The Summit Express

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