Rat caught 'stealing' money from a karinderya owner

    Who would have thought that a rat is the culprit behind the missing money in a karinderya in Bacolod City?

    Through a viral Facebook post, karinderya owner Sheryl Tayhopon shared her strange experience with a rat who had taken a total of P4,210 from her.

    Rat caught “stealing” money from a karinderya owner
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Sheryl Tayhopon

    According to Tayhopon, she made the shocking discovery after visiting her father’s grave. Tayhopon, who has been experiencing the devastating effects of the pandemic, was asking her deceased father for a sign on whether she should still continue the small restaurant business started by her mother.

    “Umiiyak na ako humihingi ako ng sign, tinatanong ko siya kung dapat ko pa bang ipagpapatuloy kasi nakakapagod na rin,” told ABS-CBN News.

    Bwesit ka gd! Tingala ko gakaladula ang kwarta ko nga inog byad sa school sg mga bata ky gina kawat mo gle, gin himo mo...

    Posted by Sherryl Anlap Tayhopon on Sunday, May 23, 2021

    When Tayhopon arrived at her karinderya, she counted the money inside her bag and found that some were missing. Tayhopon said that it was not the first instance that her money went missing.

    While searching for the money inside the room, Tayhopon found a rat running inside a hole. She then followed the rat and illuminated the hole using a flashlight.

    To her surprise, Tayhopon found out that the rat had been taking her money and storing it inside the hole. Tayhopon was shocked to discover two P1,000 bills, two P500 bills, nine P100 bills and three P20 bills inside the hole. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise since Tayhopon can use the P4210 she recovered to pay her children’s tuition fee.

    “Ipinambayad ko na 'yung pera, iipunin ko naman talaga yung pera para sa tuition ng mga anak ko pero yun nga nag iipon din pala ang daga hindi ko lang alam kung may pinagpapaaral din siya," Tayhopon said.

    Taking her discovery as the sign she was looking for, Tayhopon decided to temporarily close the small restaurant for general cleaning and renovation. The karinderya owner intends to take a rest before opening the store again to the public.

    — Mini, The Summit Express
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