Kids surprise dad with cellophane balloons, egg cake for birthday

MANILA, Philippines – They didn’t have money to buy their dad real balloons or a real cake, but some kids in Batangas City did their best to surprise him on his birthday. They made cellophane balloons and a cake made of eggs. The sweet gesture has gone viral, with netizens praising these little ones for being so thoughtful.

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, the kids’ neighbor Melody Silang shared some photos of the thoughtful surprise these kids prepared for their dad.

According to Melody, the kids come from a poor family and didn’t have enough money to prepare a real feast for their dad’s birthday. But they still decided to surprise their dad. They went the extra mile to prepare the balloons that are actually just made of cheap cellophane.

The kids happily made the balloons and hung these on a rope strung across their hut. To made the balloons look more realistic, these loving kids even painted “Happy Birthday Papa” on some of the cellophanes before hanging these up.

Kids surprise dad birthday
Photo credit: Melody Silang

Since they can’t afford to buy a real cake, the kids just made one out of eggs. Touched by the gesture that these kids were doing for their dad, Melody snapped some photos to share on her social media account.

Nakakatatsss nmn ang mga kapitbahay ko sapagkat kahit mahirap lamang ang buhay nagawa nilang mag effort para sa kaarawan...

Posted by Melody Silang on Sunday, April 4, 2021

To her surprise, the post quickly went viral. Though there were bashers who accused Melody of using these kids for fame, she shut them down by saying that she was just trying to appreciate what these kids did for their father despite not having any money for the birthday feast.

Kids surprise dad birthday
Photo credit: Melody Silang

While the bashers slammed Melody for the post, many kindhearted netizens offered to help the family by sending them some money so that the dad can truly have his birthday party. Days later, the kids’ dad was finally able to enjoy a little party with real cake and softdrinks from netizens.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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