Fear spreads as stories of 'demonic' cult attacks in Mindanao circulate

MANILA, Philippines – Several netizens have shared their stories of alleged cult attacks in Mindanao.

cult attacks in Mindanao circulate
Warnings have been made not to open your door to strangers at night | Photo Courtesy: Canva Pro

Fears gripped among netizens, especially among those from Mindanao, after several stories surfaced of a certain group of a 'demonic' cult roaming around the area.

On Twitter, ‘Mindanao’ became a trending topic as stories of a group of individuals knocking on doors with an intention to kill circulated online.

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According to a netizen, a group of people allegedly from a certain cult roams around 9:00 in the evening to 4:00 AM and knocks on doors. As soon as the homeowner answers the knock, he/she will quickly be killed by the assailant. The alleged method of killing is decapitation.

Many shared screenshots of stories from their relatives from Mindanao, retelling the same warning. Allegedly, there have been CCTV footage of people "disappearing" and "reappearing", hinting that the individuals seem to hold supernatural powers.

A netizen from Davao City commented that such incidents already appeared in 2019 but claims about it have died down since then. Other netizens also claimed that it's best not to leave slippers outside the door to imply that no one is inside the house. Another netizen also mentioned some provinces where the cult is allegedly creating fear. Most of the provinces named were from Misamis Occidental such as Ozamis City, Aloran, Sincaban, Plaridel, Lopez Jaena and Oroquieta City.

Real or not, many netizens urged others to be wary of opening doors to strangers especially at night. Others made a reminder to stop roaming outside as soon as it gets dark.

Netizens share stories of horror

While it may seem like a rumor, many netizens also shared their own experiences of knowing a victim of the gruesome incidents.

A netizen shared screenshots of how people from Ozamiz City have feared such experiences.

Another netizen from Ozamiz also tweeted how they panicked last night and how the assailants turned into animals before some of their neighbors' eyes.

He tweeted, "I'm from Ozamiz City and last night, everyone is in chaos. Starting from 7PM-3AM, everyone was trying to catch the cult but it's so hard to catch. They vanished immediately. Some said that they transformed into cats."

Another netizen from the same area claimed that the assailants climbed on roofs and disappeared into thin air.

PNP investigating incident

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is now investigating reports of alleged armed persons knocking on doors of some households in Misamis Occidental.

“We’ll have to secure, perhaps, initial information from the regional director of PRO (Police Regional Office) 10. Rest assured such information will be communicated specifically to concerned individuals affected,” PNP spokesperson Police Brigadier General Ildebrandi Usana said in an interview on PTV’s Laging Handa briefing on Saturday.

— Sally, The Summit Express


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  1. Hello this is twitter user camienotfound. I would've appreciated it if you dmed me first before putting my tweet in your article. I did spread the tweet as awareness but I don't like getting my tweets noticed as it causes me great anxiety hence why I muted the tweet. Dming me first could've prevented me from having a panic attack. I won't say no don't worry :) Really made me anxious when I found out my tweet was in an article all of a sudden :) Thank you for spreading the info though. Have a nice day <3

    1. Hi camienotfound, sorry for the inconvenience. Will do next time. We would like to apologize for this and we pray that you are safe and anxious-free now.

  2. This is scary and i hope their all are safe

  3. oh dam i didnt know this until my mom told me, so i research it but thats so scary almost i dont believe it because like they have supernaturals and they transformed into cats or animal etc.. But I hope in the Ozamiz City people its ok and those who killed with cutting heads must burn in hell and stop doing this because many people fear it but we know we only fear God :)

    1. it's quiboloy's people that knock at doors and kills. They do it to hide their worldwide child rape/sham mariage/migration scam.

  4. I mean i hope theyre ok
    Jesus is our savior

  5. Yeah, we're clearly into some deep shit as of late. Grim, yet fascinating. Albeit superstitious at most and frivolous, it does come off as something interesting regardless. I'll see how this blows over.

  6. Hi everyone who lives in philipines i just want to say that i luv u and stay safe from this demonic cult and NEVER open the door if u dont know the person only open the door when u have a trusted friend or a family member and again stay safe :> ♥😃

  7. Show me records of murder connected to the particular cults. I need police records and facts and reports that testify such murder by cult is going on. If not I will not believe

    1. Its easy to figure out, these murders are political/religious. Liked to the DAVAO cult that thinks they are GOD

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