Medical doctors refute anti-COVID-19 vaccine claims by Dr. Ron

MANILA, Philippines – Several medical doctors have countered anti-vaccine sentiments by Dr. Ron Samaniego, a doctor of physical therapy and a social media influencer who has shared his claims with over 700,000 followers of his Facebook page.

Medical doctors refute anti-COVID-19 vaccine claims by Dr. Ron
These medical doctors are proving why Dr. Ron (left) is VERY WRONG about his COVID-19 claims!

In his videos, Samaniego asserts that the COVID-19 pandemic is just a scam being used by the government to make money. According to him, the COVID-19 pandemic is not real and that anti-COVID 19 vaccines are dangerous since they contain toxic chemicals.

Dr. Ron Samaniego
Dr. Ron Samaniego. Photo Credit: Facebook/Doc Adam

“At this point in time wala na ang corona virus. Ayon ang belief ko ha. I don’t believe that yung corona virus na yan nakakamatay. Marami namang cases na gumagaling naman ng walang vaccine. Ba’t kailangan mo magpa-vaccinate noh?” Samaniego said in one of his videos.

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Despite the lack of medical evidence to back up his claims, many of Samaniego’s social media followers agreed with his sentiments. Most of his videos amassed over 1,000 shares.

In an effort to stop the spreading of false information about COVID-19, medical doctors Dr. Adam Smith and Dr. Alvin Francisco shared reaction videos to Samaniego’s claims.

British medical doctor and famous YouTuber Dr. Adam Smith refuted several claims of Samaniego through his vlog titled “The No1 Doctor daw is VERY WRONG”. In his vlog, Smith enumerated COVID-19 facts and medical evidences disproving false information being spread by Samaniego.

Smith, whose mission is to provide free healthcare tips and information to Filipinos through his vlogs, urges Samaniego to research first before sharing wrong information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch Smith’s video here.

The No1 Doctor daw is VERY WRONG

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Posted by Doc Adam on Thursday, March 25, 2021

“Ron maraming pag-aaral dito. Bago mo ilabas ang mali sa internet mas maganda yata mag-research muna. Imbes na gumamit ka lang ng galit mo or figures na hindi ko alam saan mo yan napulot,” the British doctor said in his vlog.

Meanwhile, Filipino doctor and social media influencer Dr. Alvin Francisco also opposed Samaniego’s anti- COVID 19 vaccine sentiments in his vlog. Through the video, Francisco aims to educate his subscribers and clear misconceptions about COVID-19.

According to Francisco, Samaniego should not be the one spreading false information about the deadly virus since he has the power to influence many people.

Francisco said: “If you’re a social media influencer, maraming taong tumitingala sayo, marami kang followers. You should have known what’s right from wrong.”

Watch Francisco’s video here:


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Posted by Doc Alvin Francisco on Thursday, March 25, 2021

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