Alert guy stops scammer from collecting Php3,499 for fake package delivery

MANILA, Philippines – An alert guy was able to stop a scammer from collecting Php3,499 for a fake package delivery. It was a good thing he read about a similar modus operandi last year. Also, he noticed that the package didn’t have a waybill and remembered that he had no COD order for this amount.

Jay Jazon narrated that a guy carrying a package arrived at their house at around 2:30 on Monday, March 15. The fake delivery rider told him it’s a package he ordered from Shopee and he’s supposed to pay Php3,499 for the item.

Alert guy stops scammer
Photo credit: Jay Jazon / Facebook

But Jay could not recall making an order for that amount. He also noticed that although the package is inside a plastic bag that looks like the one used by Shopee, there were many telltale signs that it is actually fake.

Though Jay’s name was on the pack, it was written using a pentel pen. Moreover, his address was incomplete and there were no other details, except for the amount he’s supposed to pay: Php3,499. After thoroughly checking the packaging to make sure it’s not a legitimate Shopee order, Jay returned it to the guy.

When told that Jay did not buy anything online for that amount, the guy told him the delivery is canceled. Then, the fake delivery rider even pretended to take his picture, similar to the protocol that riders follow these days. Jay took this chance to snap a picture of the scammer who hurried outside after the order was ‘canceled’.

Jay and his family hurried to follow the guy from a distance. They found out that the fake delivery rider was actually on foot! The scammer also appears to have noticed that he was being followed. They soon spotted him being fetched by another guy on a motorcycle.

Photo credit: Jay Jazon / Facebook

He added:

“FOR EVERYONE’S INFO - The actual modus is like this. Perfect target ang house na may ibang kasama like your siblings or parents or what na from previous deliveries may history sa mga rider na COD but instead iba’t ibang member of the family ang nakaka receive and nagbabayad.

Everyone in our family does online shopping and pay each other’s deliveries kahit na hindi na iniinform sinong actual member of the family kasi sanay na kami whomever ang madatnan lang sa baba.

Please be aware. If binibilin sa iba ang pag rereceive ng deliveries, ALWAYS LOOK for actual BARCODE with name and complete info on it… Otherwise reject it.”

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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