Stroke survivor goes viral as he sells hotdogs despite condition

MANILA, Philippines – A stroke survivor went viral after netizens saw photos of him still selling hotdogs despite his condition. Many netizens say that he is truly a great inspiration and role model to many, especially those who steal from other people’s hard-earned money even if they have healthy bodies!
Stroke survivor goes viral as he sells hotdogs Makati

Netizen Neil Bote expressed admiration at the hardworking hotdog vendor named Mang Bobby who, despite suffering from a stroke in the past and having mobility problems, is still trying to do his best to earn an honest living. Instead of asking for donations and simply waiting for help from kindhearted people, Mang Bobby decided to find a way to earn money to support his family.

Stroke survivor goes viral as he sells hotdogs Makati
Photo credit: Neil Bote / Facebook

Carrying a special contraption that lets him carry the hotdog stand on his back while enabling him to prepare the food items on a table-like arrangement, Mang Bobby roams the streets of Makati City in Metro Manila to sell the hotdogs.

While talking with Mang Bobby, the curious netizen learned that this livelihood project was made possible by a foreign NGO that helps PWDs earn a living despite their conditions. According to Mang Bobby, this is called the “Walking Hotdog” project.

Many netizens expressed admiration at Mang Bobby for what he is doing, knowing how difficult it must be for him to walk around the city to sell the hotdogs with that contraption strapped to his back. Others slammed the thieves and snatchers who are just preying on other people when PWDs like Mang Bobby are working hard to earn an honest buck.

Stroke survivor goes viral as he sells hotdogs Makati
Photo credit: Neil Bote / Facebook

“Sana po mainspire ung ibang kalalaki ng katawan pero mga batugan at puro tambay ang alam...minsan mga magnanakaw pa at kriminal…” one netizen commented.

“Mabuti pa ang PWD naghahanapbuhay kesa dun sa panay reklamo n wala syang trabaho hndi nman gumagawa ng paraan pra mkapaghanapbuhay...isisi pa sa gobyerno ang kawalan nya ng trabaho,” another netizen chimed in.

“Ang galing niyo naman po tay. Kahit ganyan sitwasyon niyo may paraan kau para kumita. Ang iba diyan malalaki katawan pero mga batugan. God Bless your health po. Stay safe lagi.Saludo po ako sa iyo tay,” another added.

There were those who observed that the contraption appears to be heavy. They hoped that this hardworking vendor can still find other ways to earn money that doesn’t involve him walking around the city, carrying that heavy thing.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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