Dacera family seeks another autopsy to prove Christine did not die of natural causes

    MANILA, Philippines – Sharon, the mother of Christine Dacera said they requested another autopsy in a bid to prove that her daughter didn't die of natural causes.

    Sharon, Christine Dacera's mother
    Sharon, Christine Dacera's mother has requested for another autopsy to prove her daughter didn't die of natural causes |Screenshot from ABS-CBN News livestream video

    Recently, social media was abuzz when the initial medico-legal report of Christine was "multiple contusions and abrasions." It also cited the cause of death was "ruptured aortic aneurysm."

    Earlier, Makati Police Chief Col. Harold Depositar claimed that traces of semen were found on Christine's body but the autopsy report did not note any of it.

    Christine Dacera
    Christine Dacera.

    The report instead noted that there was an abrasion and lacerations in Christine's private parts but they were already "deeply healed," meaning it happened prior to the incident that led to her death.

    According to Paolo Tuliao, one of the Dacera family's lawyers, they will dispute the initial autopsy findings. He said, "We are disputing the findings of the SOCO, 'yung post-mortem report na they claimed the cause of death was aneurysm."

    "They didn't specify sa report 'yung mga hematoma, 'yung mga bruises that were found on the victim's body, that's why we (sought) another post-mortem report from an independent medico-legal," he added.


    Dacera family spokesperson Brick Reyes said they were not satisfied with the post-mortem results because there were still unexplained injuries that were not noted. He added that while aneurysm may have been the cause of Christine's death, they believe that it's "very possible it was triggered by the assault prior to her death.”

    "They said she died of natural causes, a ruptured aortic aneurysm which appears in the certificate of death, but which does not include the other injuries she sustained. It is not complete as far as we are concerned, that is why we requested for another autopsy," he said.

    When the idea of Christine having consensual s*xual intercourse was brought up, Jose Ledda, another lawyer for the Dacera family, refuted the claim.

    "Kung consensual 'yan, kung kusa, ba't wala si Christine ngayon para sagutin 'yung mga tanong na 'yan?" he argued.

    Meanwhile, singer Claire dela Fuente asked for sobriety after her son, Gregorio Angelo de Guzman was among the 11 suspects behind the death of Christine. Gregorio was with the flight attendant when they celebrated New Year's Eve until she was later found dead in a bathtub.

    Dela Fuenta said Gregorio tried to revive Christine but was unsuccessful. Gregorio, who works as a chef and fitness instructor insisted that he is gay and that Christine wasn't raped.

    — Sally, The Summit Express

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