Childhood sweethearts’ adorable love story goes viral

MANILA, Philippines – The love story of two childhood sweethearts has gone viral, with netizens saying that they truly are soulmates!

Edil John Lanticse and Melodie Garcia Lanticse, from Cebu City, tied the knot last January 28, 2021. Though it might appear that it’s just another ordinary wedding, their story went viral because they were childhood sweethearts who rekindled their love after being apart for 20 years.

According to the couple who are both 32 years old, they first met as kids back at their hometown. They even went to the same school as kids. Their puppy love blossomed and the two even had a sweet photo taken at a special event wherein an adoring Edil is kissing Melodie on the cheek.

Just like a lot of childhood sweethearts, the two eventually went their separate ways when Melodie and her family moved to another place after their house got destroyed. Too young to really do something about their love, they weren’t able to continue the relationship even through LDR.

Childhood sweethearts’ adorable love story goes viral
Photo credit: Cebu Daily News

But it seems that the two are truly destined to be with each other because despite the 20 years that they were apart, they managed to rekindle their love after meeting again.

It was Melodie who found Edil on Facebook in 2017. She admitted that they didn’t really see themselves as lovers them. They chatted as friends and there was no spark.

But as the weeks of chatting continued, the two discovered that the flames of their childhood romance remained in their hearts. They would soon rekindle their romance. Recently, the two got married and had a good laugh as they recreated their old photo.

Melodie wrote:

“First love never dies! It only gets stronger with TIME. No matter how it takes, true love is always worth the wait!

The first time I was kissed by him, I was hooked, one kiss and I became addicted to him! I knew then, that no one could ever make me feel such an electric spark.

The moment I drew back from your lips and looked into those perfect eyes, I knew I would love and follow you until the end of my life!

Trivia: It’s worth the wait 20 years of not seeing each other and we ended up in each other’s arms!”

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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