PBB Connect 1st Eviction Night Results

MANILA, Philippines – One housemate will say goodbye tonight, December 27, as Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Connect is set the reveal the results of voting for the first eviction.

PBB Connect 1st Eviction Night Results

Housemates Aizyl Tandungon, Justin Dizon, and Mika Pajares are in danger of being ousted from the ‘PBB’ house after they got the most number of votes from their fellow housemates. Aizyl received 17 points, followed by Mika with seven (7) points and Justin with four (4) points.

UPDATE: Justin evicted from PBB house after getting lowest percentage of votes.

Same with the previous editions, it is up to the outside world on who they will choose to save. For the first eviction night of “PBB Connect,” viewers can use both their power to save and power to evict via SMS and Kumu.

First Eviction Night Final Results (combined Kumu and text votes)

Housemate Net Vote (%) Result
Aizyl Tandungon 12.64 Safe
Justin Dizon -2 Evicted
Mika Pajares 3.3 Safe

Voting via Kumu Result (70%)

Housemate Save (%) Evict (%) Net Vote (%)
Aizyl Tandungon 15.42 -1.52 13.90
Justin Dizon 23.71 -17.79 5.92
Mika Pajares 23.73 -17.83 5.90

Voting via SMS Result (30%)

Housemate Save (%) Evict (%) Net Vote (%)
Aizyl Tandungon 14.32 -4.63 9.69
Justin Dizon 17.16 -37.65 -20.49
Mika Pajares 11.75 -14.50 -2.75

How to vote?

To save a housemate via SMS, text BBS NAME OF HOUSEMATE to 2366. Meanwhile, to evict a housemate, viewers can simply text BBE NAME OF HOUSEMATE TO 2366. Only one vote per sim per day is allowed.

On the other hand, the Kumunity is also given the power to save and evict among the nominated housemates by sending virtual gifts. Users just have to go to “campaigns” and click on the voting page tab. From there, users can pick the offline stream of the housemate that they want to save or evict by sending virtual gifts. Only 10 votes are allowed per day for every Kumu account.

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“PBB” airs new episodes nightly, and can be accessed via free and digital TV (A2Z Channel 11), cable (Kapamilya Channel), live streaming (Kapamilya Online Live, Kumu), and on-demand streaming (iWant TFC and Kumu).

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