Mystica defends cop in Tarlac shooting, calls mother-son victims as 'pasaway'

MANILA, Philippines – Singer-actress Mystica aired her sentiments on the shooting of a mother and her son by a policeman in Paniqui, Tarlac.

Mystica defends cop in Tarlac shooting

Mystica posted a video on Facebook to share her opinion on the shooting of 52-year-old Sonya Gregorio and 25-year-old son Frank Anthony Gregorio by Senior Master Sgt. Jonel Nuezca last Sunday.

Mystica (Ruby Rose Villanueva in real life) said that while the public was angry towards Nuezca, the two victims were also at fault in the incident. She went on to call the elderly Gregorio and her son as "pasaway."

“Well noong tiningnan ko naman saan nag-ugat, well, at talagang tiningnan ko talaga kung ano ang pangyayari, mga ganun, ay talagang mga pasaway nga naman kasi ‘yung maglola,” said Mystica.

The altercation between the Gregorios and Nuezca began due to the firing of a "boga" in their neighborhood. The cop went to Gregorio's house to investigate and got into a heated argument with Frank.

Mystica said if she was their neighbor, she would be bothered with the loud sound of a "boga" too.

She also didn't take offense in the statement of Nuezca's young daughter who told Sonya while they were arguing that her father was a policeman. Mystica said it only showed that she knew how to respect a police officer.

“Natural bilang isang magulang, pinalaki mo ‘yung bata na ‘yan, with respect iginagalang ka bilang policeman, anong gagawin ko? Hayaan ko na lang ba na babastusin ‘yung trabaho ko, babastusin ‘yung ginagampanan kong katungkulan bilang pulis at hahayaan ko na lang na i-manipulate ako nitong mga maglolang ito na wala silang pakialam?” Mystica said.

She went on to defend the action of Nuezca saying that she would rather go to jail than be humiliated in front of her child and her profession be disgraced.

“Well if I would be that policeman as well, hindi na baleng ako ay makulong. Ayaw ko lang na mapahiya at mawalan ng dignidad ‘yung trabaho ko bilang pulis na nagme-maintain ng peace and order,” she said.

In the end, Mystica said Neuzca was left with no choice as it was the way to silence the mother and son.

“Sa pamamagitan ng ginawa niya, kung iyon na lang ang way para mapatahimik itong maglola, then he did his thing. That’s what I think, diba? Ano ang dapat niyang gawin?” she said.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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