MMFF 2020 top grossers, box-office earnings – unofficial report

    MANILA, Philippines – Box-office results of the 10 official entries to the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) were far below the grosses in the past filmfests, reliable sources said.

    Fan Girl stars Paulo Avelino and Charlie Dizon
    Fan Girl stars Paulo Avelino and Charlie Dizon. Photo Credit: Instagram/Charlie Dizon

    The down trend is expected as MMFF this year shifted to digital or online due to COVID-19 pandemic.

    Though there's a high hope for the worldwide distribution, majority of the populace is not yet ready to pay and watch films online. Some of the movie entries have also fallen victim to piracy.

    Reports said that on the third day of the festival, total earnings is only P11 million. Grosses of past MMFFs after the third day normally on P200 million range.

    A big chunk or half of the earnings went to "Fan Girl", MMFF 2020 big winner of major awards, including Best Picture, best actor (Paulo Avelino), best actress (Charlie Dizon), and best director (Antonette Jadaone).

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    Vhong Navarro's "Mang Kepweng: Ang Lihim ng Bandanang Itim", Boys Love (BL) film “Boy Foretold by the Stars”, comedy film “Pakboys: Takusa”, horror film “The Missing” and fantasy film “Magikland" were in the top 6 films.

    Top 6 films MMFF 2020 (partial and unofficial ranking)
    • Fan Girl
    • Mang Kepweng: Ang Lihim ng Bandanang Itim
    • Boy Foretold by the Stars
    • Pakboys: Takusa
    • The Missing
    • Magikland

    Drama movies “Isa Pang Bahaghari”, “Tagpuan”, “Coming Home” and “Suarez: The Healing Priest” shared the last four spots.

    In the previous festivals, MMFF committee agreed not to reveal the figures and rankings of the top grossers, leaving it to the prerogative of the producers to do so.


    NOTE: MMFF is expected to release the official figures and ranking at the end of the festival.

    — The Summit Express

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