Jam Magno trends for defending PNP after Tarlac shooting: Not the entire force is at fault

MANILA, Philippines – Jam Magno, a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte has trended online after she aired her sentiments on the recent Tarlac shooting involving a cop.

Jam Magno
Jam Magno (left) expresses opinion about the recent Tarlac shooting involving a cop.

Magno gained popularity online for her TikTok video clips defending the president against critics, especially when #NasaanAngPangulo trended online. This time, Magno aired her thoughts on the shooting of Sonya and Frank Gregorio by Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca in Tarlac.

According to Magno, while it is acceptable to condemn the action of Nuezca, it is wrong to blame the entire Philippine National Police for the incident.

She said, "So, nakapagreact na ba ang lahat? Pwede naman nating sabihing na maling-mali ang ginawa nung tao na yun and he just happened to be a PNP. Yun ang dapat na statement. Hindi na gawing, yung buong PNP ang may kasalanan."


Magno explained that the cop was not on duty and whatever he did should be blamed on him alone.

"Unang una, hindi po on duty ang pulis ng ginawa na iyon. Oo, baril niya ang ginamit bilang pulis ang ginamit niya. However, kasalanan niya yun," she added.

The proud DDS said the public shouldn't blame the entire force for the wrongdoing of one of its men. She said despite the mistake of one cop, the public should recognize the efforts and dedication of the rest of the police force.

Magno said, "Hindi na buong kapulisan ang may kasalanan nun. Hindi kasi pwede na ganoon tayo mag-isip eh. Hindi natin pwede lahatin ang mga tao na may tama namang ginagawa."

She went on to give an example that even with the unfortunate Tarlac shooting today, she and several policemen in her community went around distributing packed goods to those in need. Because of this, it's wrong to accuse that all cops are guilty of hurting others.

In another clip, Magno also reacted on the trending #StoptheKilling as she called out communist sympathizers are no different as they are paid to hurt others.

Magno quickly trended on Twitter Monday night as netizens shared their reactions to her online rant. As expected, there were those who agreed with Magno's idea that not all uniformed men should be generalized. On the other hand, there are also those who called Magno an "enabler" and that she should stop defending the wrongdoings of the Duterte administration.

— Sally, The Summit Express


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