Police official says cop 'deeply regrets' shooting mother and son in Tarlac

MANILA, Philippines – A police official said that the cop who was involved in the shooting of a mother and her son in Tarlac on Sunday, December 20, “deeply regrets” the incident.

Lt. Col. Noriel Rombaoa, chief of Paniqui Municipal Police Station, said the admission came after he personally spoke with Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca when he voluntarily surrendered to cops on Sunday night.

“Nakausap ko na po at aminado naman siya na nagawa nya yung pangyayaring iyon at sising-sisi siya sa nagawa niyang iyon (I spoke with him and he admitted to the crime and he said he regrets that he did it),” Rombaoa said in an interview.


Rombaoa revealed that Nuezca shot 52-year-old Sonya Gregorio and her 25-year-old son Frank Anthony Gregorio due to an altercation of the firing of a "boga" in their neighborhood. Nuezca went to the house of the Gregorios to check on the noise until he got engaged in a heated argument with Frank Gregorio.

Police official says cop 'deeply regrets'
Photo from Paniqui Municipal Police Station.

“Magkapitbahay po kasi itong suspect natin at biktima kung saan kahapon may narinig itong suspect natin na nagpapaputok ng boga. So nagresponde sya and then pagresponde nya nagkasagutan sila nitong isang biktima, itong si Frank Anthony Gregorio,” he narrated.

Trying to pacify his son, Sonya Gregorio came until she too got involved in an argument with Nuezca's young daughter. It was what provoked the cop to shoot the two victims.

"Inaawat naman nitong si Sonya yung anak nya. Then dumating sa punto na yung anak ng pulis ay nagkasagutan sila nitong matandang babae and doon na nagdilim ang paningin siguro ng suspect at binaril nya itong dalawang biktima,” the police official added.

Nuezca claimed that Sonya pulled the hair of his daughter while they were arguing. However, Rombaoa said they didn't see that on the video.

"According to him sinabunutan daw ng matanda ‘yung anak niya pero wala naman kaming nakita doon, basta nagkasagutan lang sila,” added Rombaoa.

Nuezca has been charged with two counts of murder after the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in Tarlac has found probable cause.

According to the prosecutor, Nuezca “willfully, unlawfully and feloniously, with evident premeditation, treachery and taking advantage of superior strength,” killed Sonya Gregorio and her son Frank at their house.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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