Andrew E. to star in a Hollywood movie

MANILA, Philippines – Comedian and rapper Andrew E. will be taking his acting skills to Hollywood as confirmed by “Gamol” himself on Tuesday, December 9.

Andrew E. to star in a big Hollywood movie
 Andrew E. tells Pinoy movie fans that he’s coming to Hollywood to star for a big movie. Photo Credit. YouTube/Andrew E.

Just a week after Andrew E. successfully launched his new song “Tamang Tama”, a novelty rap that garnered over a million views in just a week's time, the“King of Pinoy Dirty Rap” announced on his Youtube channel that he’s going to Hollywood to shoot a movie.

Andrew narrated that couple of weeks ago, he received an email that he initially considered a scam. To his surprise and after some verifications, the suspicious email turned out to be legit and coming from one of the biggest Hollywood movie companies and inviting him to star in an upcoming movie.

The comedian emphasized that he’s not going to Hollywood for a few extra scenes or to audition but he’s been offered the main movie role. He also reminded his fans that the movie that he’s going to star on is not the “Crazy Rich Asians” sequel.

Andrew E. bared that he will be working with one of the brightest Hollywood actors of this generation. He however didn’t give further hint on his upcoming co-star and advised his fans to just watch out for the big reveal in the future.

As of the moment, he is just waiting for one more confirmation email from the movie company which will serve as his go signal to accept the role.

Watch the full video here:

Good luck to you Andrew E.! We’re proud of you!

— Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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