Dedicated principal works overtime to build stairs, riprap for school

MANILA, Philippines – A dedicated principal has gone viral for working overtime to build stairs and a riprap for his school. Netizens expressed admiration that he went above and beyond his call of duty to provide a better, safer place for his students and teachers to pass through while they are in school.
principal construction worker

Sir Elmer Lumbo might be the principal of Habana Integrated School in Buruanga, Aklan, but when the school needed to get the stairs and riprap done, he did not hesitate to personally handle the matter. The 59-year-old principal earned admiration for what he had done, especially considering his position and age.

It was already close to 9PM but the principal was still hard at work in school, constructing the stairs and riprap even if he’s not even given extra pay for this. In fact, he is using his personal time to work on these projects when he could have paid workers to do it, instead.

principal construction worker
Photo credit: Elvis Michelet Lumbo / Facebook

Seeing the dedication that his dad has for his school and his job, Sir Elmer’s son Jose Elvis Michelet Lumbo secretly snapped some photos of his dad who was hard at work. He expressed admiration that his dad, a principal, did not hesitate to work on the menial job to improve the school’s facilities.

Netizens also expressed admiration, with many hoping that other teachers and principals will be inspired by Sir Elmer’s actions.

“Yan ang tunay na meron malasakit sa mga istudyande nya. Hnd nahihiyang ayusin mismo ang kanyang school pra sa mga bata. Sana tularan po kayo ng iba pang teacher at principal,” one netizen wrote.

“Sana ALL... di kagaya ng ibang lang sila active...” another netizen observed.

principal construction worker
Photo credit: Elvis Michelet Lumbo / Facebook

It turned out that aside from constructing the stairs and riprap, the principal has also done other construction tasks and repair in the past.

Some former students or teachers shared that Sir Elmer is always busy no matter where he is assigned because he spends time repairing broken armchairs and tables, constructing various things the school needs, fixing windows and doors, or some other thing that most principals delegate to other teachers or some hired professionals.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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