Call center agent shamed by TL for ‘Bisaya accent’

MANILA, Philippines – A call center agent was shamed by her former team leader (TL) for her ‘Bisaya accent’. Hurt over the TL’s words, she shared a photo of their conversation on Facebook; though she kept the said TL’s name private.
Call center agent shamed by TL for ‘Bisaya accent’

Dianne Encinas recently got promoted at work. But her happiness suddenly turned into sadness after she received a hurtful message from a former TL who happened to be someone she used to look up to as a mentor.

The message is disguised as a congratulatory note, but it is clear that the TL just wanted to show superiority over Dianne. This hateful person even told her that she wasn’t a good worker in the past and is a Bisaya, making it appear that being Bisaya is something to be ashamed of, many netizens pointed out.

“Na promote ka pala? Hindi na ba Bisaya ang accent mo?” the TL asked Dianne, adding a crying-laughing emoji for good measure.

Dianne reacted to the message with a sad face, only replying with a simple, “Opo TL…”

But this person wasn’t finished mocking Dianne.

“Nice. Hiindi ka naman magaling non e. Bisaya ka pa pero congrats pa din,” the TL added. “A friendly advise [sic] dear. Galingan mo kasi may evaluation yan every month.”

Call center agent shamed by TL for ‘Bisaya accent’
Photo credit: Dianne Encinas I / Facebook

A lot of netizens commented that the ‘advice’ didn’t seem like it at all. In fact, it sounded like the TL really didn’t think that Dianne deserves to be promoted!

“Thank you sa message mo boss. Hindi ko alam pero parang naiiyak ako 😢,” Dianne wrote as she posted a screenshot of their convo.

“Hindi naman ako naging pabigat sa team mo nun. Isa ka sa mga mentors na hinahangaan ko pero parang ang sakit ng message mo sakin 😢 God bless po.”

Many netizens showed support for Dianne, calling out this unnamed TL for discrimination and cheering for the newly promoted call center agent. Everyone is hoping that she can prove this TL wrong by acing all the future monthly evaluations!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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