Netizen goes viral after paying 5-year debt from friend

MANILA, Philippines – A netizen goes viral after paying a 5-year debt from a friend. Though it took this person a long time to pay the debt, what was important is that the debt was paid, anyway. The action has earned this person admiration from netizens who wished that everyone else think in the same manner.
Netizen goes viral after paying 5-year debt from friend

It is a sad reality that too many friendships, even family relationships, have been broken due to money issues. This could be due to someone borrowing money, but not paying back. Others do pay back but only after picking a fight or saying hurtful words to the person from whom they had borrowed money!

There are also many who simply don’t think about paying the other person, claiming that this person is richer anyway and would not need this extra cash.

But because the lender often wants to get the money back, it could lead to fights that might even last for years! What’s really sad is that too many friendships have been broken over such matters, even for just a small amount of cash.

That is why it is amazing when there are people who truly go out of their way to pay a debt, no matter how small or big it might be. It is even impressive if they try to do it no matter how long the debt might have been.

Netizen goes viral after paying 5-year debt from friend
Photo credit: Atiz Sapa / Facebook

Atiz Sapa shared a photo showing a note that someone wrote to a friend as he/she paid a debt of Php500 from a certain ‘Win’. This friend explained that though the debt had been 5 years ago, he/she is still paying it because Win had worked hard to earn that money.

“Hindi pa huli ang lahat… Matuto tayong magbayad ng utang... as the saying goes ‘Ang sikreto sa pag-asenso ay ang MAGBAYAD NG UTANG,’” Atiz wrote.

A lot of netizens agreed with the post, saying that it was good that this friend paid off the debt after all these years.

—  Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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