Chuckie Dreyfus responds to John Regala's claims he didn't receive single cent from fundraiser

    MANILA, Philippines – Chuckie Dreyfus defended himself and his friends Nadia Montenegro and Aster Amoyo against John Regala's claim that he didn't receive a single cent from their fundraiser.

    Regala had asked Raffy Tulfo to conduct a fair investigation on where the donations meant for him went. Regala claimed he asked the party of Dreyfus to show proof of how much donations they received but he didn't receive any.

    Chuckie Dreyfus responds to John Regala

    He said, "Wala po akong nakuhang ni-singko po sa kanilang nakalap na donasyon."

    "Actually humihingi nga po ako sa kanila ngunit wala silang binibigay sa akin na anumang proof kung magkano ang binigay ng kapwa kong artista, yung mga netizens o yung mga kapwa kong tao,” he added.

    Regala complained that he is not aware how much the total donation the group raised because they failed to give him a list of donors and the total amount raised. He also lamented that the group admitted him in an expensive hospital and paid for six doctors when he believes he only needed one doctor.

    Dreyfus defended their group saying that the amount they raised went to paying Regala's hospital bills and medication. He also said some donations went directly to Regala's personal bank account. According to Dreyfus, they raised around P290,000 in donations. He said after paying the bills, there was P115,000 left which they transferred to Regala's personal bank account. He showed a certificate of bank deposit as proof.

    "Meron po kaming proof of transfer galing sa banko mismo. May certificate po talaga kaming pinagawa sa bangko," Dreyfus said.

    "Lahat po ng dumaan po sa amin na donations, tinanggap po namin ni Nadia at ni Nanay Aster. Ngayon, yung mga tinanggap po namin, yun po ang ginamit namin sa ospital at sa pagpapaalaga po namin kay John," he continued.

    When Regala insisted he didn't receive a copy of the bank transfer, Dreyfus said they handed it to his assistant, Teddy Imperial.

    Tulfo decided to intervene and said he is suspicious of Imperial and didn't allow him to talk.

    "Mukhang for me, sira na ang credibility nito because a.) sa kanya binigay yung mga resibo, at mukhang meron daw siyang sasabihin na hindi maganda. It’s not the right time, we have to investigate Sir Teddy muna," Tulfo said.

    Earlier, Dreyfus along with Montenegro and Amoyo issued a joint statement explaining why they are discontinuing their support for Regala. The group described the veteran actor as an "uncooperative and difficult" patient.

    Meanwhile, Dreyfus' wife Aileen posted a cryptic message on Facebook. While he didn't mention any names, many netizens were quick to relate this to Regala.

    She posted, "Stop acting like you are the victim! Ikaw ang bumibili at nagpapabili ng illegal drugs kaya mahiya ka sa mga tumulong sayo! Sa lahat ng bashers ni Chuckie, Nadia and Nanay Aster, ako kausapin nyo!"

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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