Former FEU elevator operator, now an FEU student

    MANILA, Philippines – In the past, studying at Far Eastern University (FEU) was just a dream for elevator operator Jaylord Calumba. But the young man recently went viral after sharing that he was able to fulfill that dream as he is currently one of the students officially enrolled at his dream university.
    Former FEU elevator operator, now an FEU student

    “OFFICIALLY ENROLLED. 😊 Thank you so much FEU for giving me this oppurtunity. 💚 Unti unti ng natupad pangarap ko kaso bumagsak naman ulit dahil sa Covid na to. Sana magiging okay na ang lahat. 😊,” Calumba wrote in a post on Facebook.

    Calumba is now officially enrolled with the course of Business Administration major in Marketing at FEU. This was made possible by the education benefit that the school offers to regular employees. Since he was regularized just this February 2020, he took advantage of the benefit so he could finally fulfill his dream of graduating from college.

    Former FEU elevator operator, now an FEU student
    Photo credit: Jaylord Calumba / Facebook

    For the past 13 years, Calumba had to quit school to support his family in Negros Oriental. His parents are already senior citizens; thus, they needed all the support they could get. While Calumba happily worked as janitor, then, later as elevator operator, he still wished he could go back to school.

    Right after his regularization, Calumba took the opportunity to enroll at FEU. He admits that he’s struggling with his studies, now that school has started but everything is done online.

    “So far hirap pa ako. Nangangapa at di sanay kasi high-tech sa online class po,” he admitted.

    “Kung face to face classes lang sana siguro makakaya ko. Hirap kasi talaga ako sa online. Pero pangako ko sa sarili ko, hangga’t makakaya, laban.”

    Former FEU elevator operator, now an FEU student
    Photo credit: Jaylord Calumba / Facebook

    But he is doing his best to cope. In his post on Facebook, he even publicly asked his classmates to add him to their group chats so he could be updated with their classes.

    Calumba inspired a lot of people as he declared himself, “Elevator Operator noon, Estudyante na ngayon.” A number of FEU students also commented on his post, congratulating him on this new chapter in his life and joking that they would have to operate the elevator for him from now on.

    — Joy Adalia, The Summit Express
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