WATCH: Alice Dixson finally tells truth about Robinsons ‘taong ahas’

    MANILA, Philippines – After three decades and several versions of the urban legend, Alice Dixson promised to finally tell the truth on the alleged 'taong ahas' inside Robinsons Galleria’s fitting rooms.

    Alice Dixson stars in Robinsons Galleria's commercial in 2018.
    Alice Dixson stars in Robinsons Galleria's commercial in 2018.

    In an Instagram post on Monday, the actress shared a teaser video of herself driving into the parking lot of the mall in Ortigas, then entering the mall and going into a fitting room.

    "Mahal kong kababayans...hindi ko gustong buhayin ang chismis; that is the farthest from my intention. Nais ko lng linawin ang mga naganap sa Robinson’s Galleria nun dalaga pa ako," she said.

    "I made promise to a dear friend - I said I would tell my side of the story this year at dahil 30 year anniversary na this month, it is NOW time," she added.

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    The legend has several versions. According to one version, the snake was supposedly Robinsons Land Corp. tycoon John Gokongwei’s son, and the twin brother of Robina Gokongwei-Pe.

    According to the story, the 'taong ahas' had access to the mall’s CCTV cameras, and would spy on women in the dressing rooms. If he saw a woman he liked, he would flip a switch and the woman would drop through a hole in the floor, straight into its mouth.

    Other version alleged that the snake was a female and laid golden eggs, the source of wealth for the Gokongwei family.

    Dixson was was once rumored to be among the serpentine creature’s almost-victims, but was allegedly paid by the Gokongwei family to keep her silence.

    In 2016, the actress also clarified the issue in the defunct GMA show “Sarap Diva.”

    The snake man urban legend resurfaced after she was featured in a campaign for Robinsons Galleria in 2018.

    It’s good to revisit old stories. But it’s better to make new ones.

    Watch as Alice Dixson rediscovers the new Robinsons Galleria. Exciting things ahead! #AliceAtRobinsons
    Posted by Robinsons Galleria on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

    — The Summit Express
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    1. Well.. Lets give d story bearer d benefit of a doubt.. We.. judge it accordingly after her narration or story.

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