Customer refuses to pay order because rider is 4 minutes late

    MANILA, Philippines – He was just 4 minutes late, but Lalamove rider Keith De Guzman was no longer paid by the customer who claimed that her dad was supposed to pay the order but had already gone out of the house! Netizens are angry, saying that she should have asked for money before her dad went out, knowing she ordered something.
    Lalamove rider 4 minutes late

    The Lalamove rider shared the bad experience out of anger and frustration, particularly because the customer also had the audacity to give him a bad rating for the ‘failed’ order.

    Lalamove rider 4 minutes late
    Photo credit: Keith De Guzman / Facebook

    It was around 1:50PM on May 18 that Keith received the booking from the customer. Right after receiving the booking, Keith drove to the pick-up area, taking 10 minutes to reach the spot. He waited for the food, paid for the order, and immediately drove to the customer’s address. He arrived at the customer’s gate by 2:24PM.

    But the customer was not happy that he arrived at 2:24PM, pointing out to him that the booking instructions informed the rider to make the delivery by 2:20PM. He’s just 4 minutes late, not even his fault as he did his best to arrive on time, yet the customer refused to pay for the order.

    Keith explained that he had only seen the booking at around 1:50PM but immediately went to the pick-up area, yet the customer only replied that he should just eat the food because her dad had already gone out. She really can’t pay for it now.

    Lalamove rider 4 minutes late
    Photo credit: Keith De Guzman / Facebook

    The Lalamove rider pointed out that this is a cash on delivery (COD) order and asked whether she could just pay even just the delivery fee, but she ignored him.

    Still polite even if he was fuming over the frustrating order, Keith requested the woman to come out, telling her that he’s not going to ask her for payment but they can share the food as he can’t consume it all.

    “Sige ma’am. Labas na lang po kayo. Wag mo na bayaran. Hati na lang tayo baka di ko po maubos to eh,” he half-joked, out of frustration.

    But the woman didn’t like the joke and even gave him a low rating for the order, even if she’s the one in the wrong! Too bad the Lalamove rider can’t do anything about that bad rating. He felt bad that his usual immaculate 5-star rating has gone down to 4.9 because of this woman’s order.

    Lalamove rider 4 minutes late
    Photo credit: Keith De Guzman / Facebook

    “Ayos lang ako mga ssob. Nabadtrip lang ako konti kasi di na ulit magiging 5star yan dahil sa bagsak nyang rating 🙄 pero ays lang yan sana di na bumaba hahaha ena naman kasi 1:55 ko nakuha booking-tapos punta sa pick up point-Drop off point. E papunta palang sa pick up point 10mins na kakainin eh haha angas. 🙏 mabilis na sana yung 2:24 kasi maulan pero di parin ako sapat 😥,” Keith shared.

    Keith said that he was reimbursed by Lalamove for the delivery fee.

    — Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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