Doctor waives PF after unexpected meeting with patient's frontliner husband at checkpoint

MANILA, Philippines – A doctor waives her professional fees (PF) after unexpectedly meeting her patient’s frontliner husband at the checkpoint! She also gave him a special gift in honor of his sacrifice in going on duty even though his wife is in the hospital to give birth to their baby…
Doctor waives PF after unexpected meeting with patient's husband

So many frontliners are risking their lives and sacrificing time away from their families to serve the country and protect the people from COVID-19. But the sweet gesture from one frontliner to another recently went viral, with netizens hailing both of them as heroes!

Dr. Imelda Macayra Ibarreta
Photo credit: Imelda Macayra Ibarreta / Facebook

Dr. Imelda Macayra Ibarreta of Davao City, Philippines, shared the unexpected encounter with a young officer at a checkpoint. The young frontliner turned out to be her patient’s husband.

According to Dr. Ibarreta, it was past 10PM when her car was flagged down by men in uniform at a checkpoint. She told them that she was on her way home from the hospital. When she told the officer the name of the hospital, he told her that his wife is admitted there and is about to give birth.

The doctor checked his nameplate and confirmed that her patient is actually his wife! She gave him the good news that his wife had already given birth to their baby. It dawned on him that she was actually his wife’s doctor!

“Nanganak na siya; bakit hindi ka na ka leave?” Dr. Ibarreta asked.

“Ubos na leave ko doc, sayang naman pangdagdag sa budget sa panganganak ni mrs. Besides full alert kasi kami,” the young officer answered.

At this, the doctor’s heart went out to the young man who seemed like he was in deep thoughts.

Dr. Imelda Macayra Ibarreta
Photo credit: Monching Lumantas / Facebook

“Ano maitulong ko sa iyo, magtulongan nga tayo. (silence) O sige na nga kung sabihin ko sa iyo na wala kang babayaran sa akin, as in wala, ok na yon?” she asked.

“Ay hindi po, nakakahiya po, sobra na po yon,” he hastily replied.

“Bakit, ako nga hindi nahiya sa iyo, nagsilbi ka sa bayan,” the doctor said.

Ecstatic over the news that his wife had already given birth and that her doctor had just waived her PF for them, the young officer called his comrades to introduce Dr. Ibarreta. She later narrated that she was amused when the young men erupted in cheers over the news, feeling jubilant for their friend.

The doctor offered them snacks, but they already had plenty of bread. So, she gave the young officer a bottle of the imported coffee she received as present from a friend. Seeing the gift wrapper, the officers quickly deduced that it was given for her birthday. They promptly serenaded her with a “Happy Birthday” song, in the middle of the night.

“I was enthralled by their singing. Oh...WHAT A NIGHT!! A blissful encounter! 😍” the doctor shared.

Congratulations to this frontliner dad and this wonderful doctor. Salute to you both!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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