Lola rides LRT with wheelchair-bound child wrapped in bandages

MANILA, Philippines – The photo of an old woman riding the LRT with a wheelchair-bound child wrapped in bandages touched hearts on social media, with many tagging civic-oriented shows in hopes of getting help for the pair.
Lola rides LRT with wheelchair-bound child wrapped in bandages

Lola rides LRT with wheelchair-bound child wrapped in bandages

Zyra Nagisaram shared the heartbreaking photo on her Facebook account, narrating that she met the pair while riding an LRT. According to Zyra, the old woman and her granddaughter got off the Doroteo Jose station.

The girl was later identified as Ashley Ann Nepomuceno, a 12-year-old girl with bone marrow cancer. She is accompanied by her 60-year-old grandma Cleofe Navarro who has been doing this for many years!

Going viral in 2014

It turned out that the pair had already gone viral back in 2014 as they rode the MRT. At the time, Nanay Cleofe was carrying Ashley in her arms because they didn’t have a wheelchair. The child was obviously sick and was covered in bandages, with the gauze on her head showing some blood.

“Pasensya na po kayo,” Nanay Cleofe apologized to the other passengers, seemingly embarrassed at her predicament. Instead of being angry or turning away from Nanay Cleofe, however, the other passengers took pity on them. They passed the hat to give anything they could for the girl.

It broke their hearts to learn that Ashley has bone marrow cancer and that six times a week, Nanay Cleofe has to bring her from their home in Angeles, Pampanga to St. Luke’s in Quezon City and then the Philippine General Hospital!

Back in 2014, Ashley was diagnosed with stage 1 bone marrow cancer and a rare skin disease called epidermolysis bullosa which causes blisters to form on the skin. The latter is the reason why she has to be wrapped in bandages at all times.

Netizens offer help

A lot of netizens offered help for Ashley, leading Zyra to post an update on her Facebook account. While Zyra shared that Ashley is 9 years old, the girl was 6 years old in 2014 when she first went viral; this makes her around 12 years old now.

According to Zyra, Nanay Cleofe may be reached through 09269854284 or donations could be coursed through Ashley’s sister, Kate Navarro Nepomuceno.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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