Woman born with no legs, refused entry at BIR for not wearing long pants


Netizens were left scratching their heads after learning that a woman born with no legs was refused entry at a Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) office because she was not wearing long pants.
Woman born with no legs, refused entry at BIR for not wearing long pants

In a post on Facebook, Nancy Torrelino Boroc detailed how she and her companion were told they could not get inside BIR in Calbayog City, Samar because they were both wearing shorts. Nancy told her companion to wait for her outside since she was the one holding her sister’s SPA, anyway; however, the security guard told her she could not get inside, too.

It turned out that the office recently issued a memo that prohibits anyone wearing shorts from entering the facility. The same goes for those who violate the dress code, as stated on the memo.

But while many netizens agreed that government offices have the right to impose a dress code if they want to, the same could not be strictly implemented for everyone, particularly PWDs like Nancy.

The young woman asked the security guard whether the rule also applies to her, considering she does not have legs and could not wear long pants; however, the security guard still refused her entry, reiterating that memo clearly directed them to refuse entry to anyone wearing shorts.

The security guard added that even if she is wearing a pair of shoes, she still could not enter the facility unless she wears long pants.

Woman born with no legs, refused entry at BIR for not wearing long pants
Photo credit: Nancy Torrelino Boroc / Facebook

Left with no choice, Nancy had to return home. But because she does not own a pair of pants, she simply wore long socks to cover her thighs before returning to the BIR office, still wearing shorts. Thankfully, she was permitted entry this time.

But Nancy shared the experience to raise awareness about the difficulties that many PWDs face in the country. She hopes to champion PWD rights, pointing out that despite their situation and appearance, they also have rights and privileges just like everyone else.

NOTE: This page is open for any statement or clarifications from BIR Calbayog City.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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