VIDEO: This Syrian vlogger explains why the Philippines is really 'yayamanin'

MANILA, Philippines – A Syrian vlogger is earning praise from Filipinos for his video about the Philippines.

For Basel Manadil, the Philippines has a world-class underpass
For Basel Manadil, the Philippines has a world-class underpass | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/The Hungry Syrian Wanderer

Basel Manadil or the "Hungry Syrian Wanderer" has recently made a vlog showcasing the beautiful Philippines. In his YouTube post, his vlog is entitled "Pilipinas, Hindi na 3rd World Country Bansang Payaman World Class Underpass!"

The Syrian who has been living in the Philippines for 5 years tried to break the misconceptions that Manila is all about slums.

Basel said, "The Philippines has always been No.1 Top Destination for our pristine beaches and tropical island paradise, what most people don't know or see about the Philippines is it's booming economy."

He added, "Most people who haven't been in the Philippines would have this impression that the Philippines is a poor country, traffic and slums. In this vlog I will show you the other side of the Philippines. Mabuhay!"

The vlogger goes around the city to show how much improvement and development goes around. Basel takes wonderful shots of the city's skyscrapers all sparkly clean as there are many hardworking workers maintaining it.

"Maraming masisipag dito," he said.

At one point, Basel goes to what he calls the "Yayamanin hotels" and features the Ascott Hotel in Makati. Basel boasts about the underground parking and automated parking teller. "Hindi mainit dito," he said.

Basel then goes to the Makati Underpass and described it as "world class talaga."

"It's amazing and it's also super, super clean," he described it.

Basel also noted about how conscious Filipinos are about the environment. The streets and sidewalks have lined with trees and plants. "We love nature here," he said.

The Syrian vlogger shared how impressed he is that stray animals are left unbothered along the streets. He said that the strays get to live peacefully in the middle of the streets of Makati.

Basel impressed many Filipinos at how he was able to remind them to be grateful for the small things they take for granted about our country.

Netizens also praised the Syrian national using the word "We" and "Us", throughout the video, implying that he is one with the Filipinos.

Born in Syria, Basel left his hometown after it was ravaged by war. He found refuge in the Philippines to finish his study and has loved the country as his new home.

Basel's video has gone viral with more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Watch Basel's video from his YouTube channel:

— Sally, The Summit Express

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