FULL RESULTS: August 4, 2019 Civil Service Exam CSE-PPT list of passers, top 10

MANILA, Philippines – (Updated October 3) The August 2019 Civil Service Exam results or Career Service Examination-Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) full list of passers and topnotchers (top 10) for professional and sub-professional level are released online today, October 3, 2019 (Thursday) or in sixty (60) calendar days after the exam.

UPDATE: Results are out online!
FULL RESULTS: August 4, 2019 Civil Service Exam CSE-PPT list of passers, top 10

"The List of Passers shall be posted within 60 days after the examination," the Civil Service Commission (CSC) confirmed through Examination Announcement No. 09 , series of 2018.

The second CSE-PPT this year was conducted in at least 63 testing centers nationwide on Sunday, August 4.

A total of 29,733 examinees passed the CSE-PPT. Said figure represents 11.62% of the total 255,778 examinees for both Professional and Subprofessional levels.

In terms of regional performance, NCR posted the highest passing rate at 17.89% for both levels of examination, translating to 9,599 passers out of 53,641 total examinees. The Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) came in second with a 16.32% passing rate despite not having landed any spot in the lists of top passers. Other top performing regions include Southern Tagalog with 12.79% passing rate, Central Luzon – 12.33%, and Davao region – 11.98%.

Going by the level, for the Professional level: NCR (18.45%), CAR (16.89%), Southern Tagalog (12.87%), Central Visayas (12.28%), and Central Luzon (12.21%). For the Subprofessional level: NCR (14.72%), Central Luzon (12.98%), CAR (12.91%), Southern Tagalog (12.34%), and Bicol region (11.52%).

CSC announced that passers who got at least 80 percent score will be eligible for a position in the civil service provided the eligibles meet the qualifications and other requirements - education, experience, and training.



The CSE-PPT is a general ability test designed to measure an individual’s preparedness to enter government service.

The Professional test lasted for 3 hours, 10 minutes, and for 2 hours, 40 minutes for the Subprofessional test. Visually impaired examinees, as well as the deaf and hard of hearing, were given an additional one (1) hour to accomplish the test.

The Professional Level has 150 test items in English and Filipino, and includes questions on numerical ability, analytical ability, verbal ability, as well as general information items such as on the Philippine Constitution, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (Republic Act No. 6713), peace and human rights issues and concepts, and environment management and protection.

The Subprofessional test has 145 test items in English and Filipino. It has the same scope as the Professional test, except analytical ability, but includes questions on clerical ability.


CSC said that exam results will be released within 60 days after the examination through posting the list of passers in the CSC website.

"The List of Passers shall be uploaded/posted on the CSC website www.csc.gov.ph within 60 days after the examination," the bulletin stated.

OUR PROJECTION: Official results can be expected from September 23 (Monday) until October 11 (Friday) or in 50-68 working days. Since the total number of CS examinees rose this time, the assumption is CSC needs more days for the checking of results.

Examinees, both passed and failed, may get their individual test results using the Online Civil Service Examination Result Generation System (OCSERGS), which can also be accessed through the CSC website. Note: The date of OCSERGS availability will be posted here soon but you may expect approximately 15 days after the posting of the List of Passers.

The Summit Express, a website which covers civil service examination for about eight (8) years, will ensure all of its readers and followers on social media to get updates in few weeks or days before the announcement of results.


In the same period last year, results were announced in fifty-eight (58) days after the exam. A total of 22,087 out of 181,985 examinees (12.14%) passed the exams. The figure do not include examinees from National Capital Region (NCR) and Morong, Rizal where examinations were suspended due to torrential rains brought by the southwest monsoon (Habagat). Salveregina Samuelle Sarnillo from Central Visayas, with a rating of 92.35, bested 159,283 examinees of the Career Service Professional level, while Sophia Isabelle Olalia, with a 90.78 rating and from the Southern Tagalog region, placed first among the 22,702 hopefuls for the Subprofessional level.

In the August 2017 exams, results were released in 36 calendar days. A total of 25,127 examinees, representing 10.98% of the total 228,917 examinees passed. Adrian Callangan from Region II (Cagayan Valley), with a rating of 90.87, topped the Professional Level test. Mark Dave Balmilero, also from Region II, got the highest score of 87.54 for the Sub-Professional Level.

For the August 2019 CS exam results, takers may also expect of passing rate around 11% (1 out 10 usually passed the exam) or can be translated to around 30,000 total passers for the two levels of exams.


Exam Date Total Examinees Total Passers Passing % Days before release of results
March 2019 264,473 27,944 10.57% 64
August 2018 181,985 22,087 12.14% 58
March 2018 238,966 25,602 10.71% 60
August 2017 228,917 25,127 10.98% 36
March 2017 230,736 25,090 10.87% 40
October 2016 203,339 22,978 11.30% 41
April 2016 229,463 25,276 11.02% 39
October 2015 119,333 13,152 11.02% 41


Passers shall be issued a Certification of Eligibility (CoE) printed on CSC letterhead, free of charge.

Passers must personally claim their Certification. Representatives are not allowed to claim the same. For this matter, passers who have moved to or are based in another region, or in remote areas within the region, may personally claim their Certification of Eligibility at the CSC Regional or Field Office (conduit CSC RO/FO) nearest their present place of residence or work.

In particular, those who have moved to or are based in another region must send a written request, citing reasons as well, to the authorized CSC RO that has jurisdiction over the testing center/venue where they took the examination to forward their Certification of Eligibility to the conduit CSC Regional/Field Office where they would like to claim the same.

Claiming of Certification shall be available approximately 1 month after the posting of the List of Passers, or as indicated in the corresponding issuance/advisory. Nevertheless, passers should verify first if their Certification is already available before going to the CSC Regional/Field Office. Contact numbers of the CSC Regional/Field Offices may be accessed at the CSC website.

The basic requirements in claiming the Certification are:

1. I.D. card – preferably the same I.D. card presented during filing of application. If the I.D. card to be presented for claiming of Certification is different from the I.D. card presented during filing of application, the examinee must present any of the accepted I.D. cards listed under Item D(3) [see here], which is preferably valid (not expired); and

2. Application Receipt and/or CSC Official Receipt (if available).

Note: CSC may require additional document/s as necessary to establish the identity of the passers.

A corresponding Advisory on these matters shall be posted in the CSC website. Any other concerns on examination result including verification of examinee number, examinees are advised to coordinate directly with the CSC Regional Office concerned. The CSC Regional Offices handle the releasing of examination results.


Those who missed the August 2019 exam may file for the next CSE-PPT on March 15, 2020. Application period is December 16, 2019 to January 15, 2020.

Note: Acceptance of applications shall be on first-come, first-served basis and shall be closed any time before the deadline if the CSC Regional Office has already reached the target number of applicants.

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— The Summit Express

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