Student shares tips after passing every scholarship and entrance exam she took

MANILA, Philippines – A student became an inspiration to many after she shared that she passed every scholarship and entrance exam she took.
Student shares tips after passing every scholarship and entrance exam she took

Student shares tips after passing every scholarship and entrance exam she took
Patricia Tapel passed all the entrance and scholarship exam she took | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Patricia Tapel

For many students, entrance exams would make or break their college dreams. Passing the entrance exam of their chosen college is already an achievement by itself. Grabbing a scholarship program is an accomplishment anyone would be very proud of.

Patricia Antoinette Tapel accomplished what seems to be an impossible feat. She impressively passed all the scholarships and entrance exam she applied to.

Tapel proudly shared on Facebook her accomplishment and netizen couldn’t help but be impressed. The young lady wrote, “I passed every scholarship and entrance exam I took! (10/10)”

Tapel listed down the entrance and scholarship exam she took and eventually passed.
  • The Far Eastern University College Admission Test (FEUCAT)
  • University of the East College Entrance Test (UE-CET)
  • De La Salle University College Admission Test (DCAT)
  • University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET)
  • PHINMA Saint Jude College
  • The Polytechnic University of the Philippines College Entrance Test (PUPCET)
  • DOST-SEI Scholarship
  • University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT)
  • Technological University of the Philippines Scholastic and Technical Aptitude Test (TUPSTAT)
  • Philippine State College of Aeronautics College Admission Test (PhilSCAAT)

While her achievement is worth being proud of, Tapel said she shared it not to brag but to inspire.

Tapel wrote, “Hear me out, guys. I'm taking this opportunity to hopefully inspire every single person reading this, especially the incoming Grade 12 students.”

The incoming college freshman shared some tips and advice to those preparing to take admission tests.

First, Tapel talks about taking review classes. She said while it does not guarantee a passing score, review classes are helpful. She wrote, “It prepares you on what to expect in entrance exams and you can actually get a lot of helpful tips you can use on the actual exams. It also helps you realize what subject areas you need to work on so you can score higher on tests. And while you're at it, it is also a great way to meet new friends!”

Secondly, Tapel highlighted that there’s no other way to ace that test but to study and prepare. She wrote, “It's never to early to start preparing for entance tests. while you're still on vacation, you can start studying so you don't stress yourself out with the tremendous amount of workload when classes start.”

Thirdly, Tapel talked about discipline and setting a study routine for yourself. She said, “Set a strict studying schedule for even at least 30 minutes a day. This might not sound fun but if you make it a routine, it can actually help because hey, even the littlest of progress in studying is still progress. Just make sure you actually follow through it!”

Fourthly, Tapel noted how your friends can actually help you pass. She said studying with your friends is a “great way to share your knowledge and have your friends to share their knowledge with you. And doing things with your friends makes it even more fun, right?”

Keep your “eyes on the prize,” Tapel said. Keeping focused on your goal is actually the best motivation to ace that exam. She wrote, “I know some of you have dilemmas whether you'd choose passion or practicality, but don't let external factors knock you off the path of actually pursuing what you want.”

“Studying with a goal set in mind ignites a fire inside of you so don't let it die. You can do and achieve everything as long as you work hard for it,” the young lady added.

Lastly, the young achiever reiterated the importance of having a break. Take a rest, Tapel advised. She said, “Don't overwork or stress yourself out too much. While studying hard is very important, relaxing is equally important too.”

Tapel even added a special note saying that it’s best to apply to every university so you can have more options.

More importantly, she said, “Please don’t be lazy.”

The now-viral netizen said sharing her achievements was meant to honor God who has granted her everything she has. She said, “I honestly couldn't have done this without Him. Thank You, Lord!”

The post has been flooded by comments of congratulations and shared over 12,000 times since posting.

— The Summit Express

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