Story of eldest sibling’s sacrifice to send siblings to school goes viral

“Education is the key to success.”

Do you believe in that saying? For many parents, sending their children to school is the only thing they could give as inheritance because they have no wealth to distribute to their kids. Yet there are many parents who can’t also afford to send their children to school because of the hardships they face in life.
Story of eldest sibling’s sacrifice to send siblings to school goes viral

Oftentimes, the eldest siblings step in to provide the financial means for the younger siblings to attain their dreams and graduate from college.

Recently, one netizen went viral for sharing her story of success – and it warmed many people’s hearts that she gave up on her dreams so her siblings could attain theirs.

The eldest of six siblings, Ghel Martinez knew early in life that her parents just could not afford to send them all to school. Thus, even in elementary she would already sell fruits and food items like gelatin in a cup to earn some extra cash. She was content with Php7 for daily allowance and would help her aunts sell vegetables during weekends.

Story of eldest sibling’s sacrifice to send siblings to school goes viral
Photo credit: Ghel Martinez / Facebook

In high school, she promised to do her best in college and earn a degree in Criminology to become either a policeman or soldier. She vowed to work hard to send her younger siblings to college, a promise she made while watching her grandmother cook a single piece of dried fish they all had to share for dinner.

But dreams don’t always come true.

With her parents unable to send her to school, Ghel found a job to support herself in college. But her wage of Php2,400 a month at Jollibee was not enough to pay for college and also support her family, especially when it was time for her younger siblings to go to college, too. So, she decided to sacrifice her own dream so her siblings could have theirs.

“Gusto ko nababayadan ko yung bills nila sa school ng sakto sa deadline o minsan advance pa, gusto ko nakakasali sila sa mga events gusto ko nabibili ko yung kailangan at gusto nila sapatos man o damit (tapos ako mang hihiram nalang) na kahit pa pang date o pang regalo sa mga jowa o crush niyo suportado parin ako kasi pinagdaanan ko rin yan, basta hindi pababayaan ang pag aaral at hindi niyo naman kami binigo nila inay at tatay. Sobrang bonus pa nga kasi may CUM LAUDE na sa pamilya.

Napaka swerte ko sa mga kapatid ko at hinding hindi ko pinagsisisihan na kayo yung pinili kong prioridad ko. Kayo ang laging uunahin ko dahil bago ko makilala ang kahit na sinong babae sa buhay ko nauna kayo na tinanggap ako ng buo, nauna kayo na minahal ako ng totoo.

Wala man akong diploma basta kayo meron,solve na ako don, dahil kayo ang kayamanan namin nila inay at tatay kayo ang maipagyayabang ko.

Proud na proud ako sainyo. Patuloy lang kayong mangarap dahil hanggang kaya ko pang magtrabaho pangako suportado ko kayo.”

Her younger brother graduated cum laude from BS Accountancy while her younger sister completed BS Architecture! They still have three more siblings to send to college, but with three of them to help out, it would certainly be a much lighter burden for Ghel.

Other netizens suggest that these two younger siblings should now be the ones to send her to college so that she could still fulfill her dream of becoming a police officer.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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