2018 Bar 2nd placer prayed so hard to achieve childhood dream of becoming a lawyer

MANILA, Philippines – For Marcley Augustus Natu-el, becoming a lawyer has always been his childhood dream. Now that he finally made his dream into a reality, he couldn’t believe it.

Marcley Augustus Natu-el achieves childhood dream of becoming a lawyer
Marcley Augustus Natu-el achieves childhood dream of becoming a lawyer
Marcley Augustus Natu-el achieves childhood dream of becoming a lawyer | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Marcely Natu-el

Natu-el ranked top 2 in the 2018 Bar exams with a score of 87.530%. Just a nudge short from the topnotcher Sean James Borja who scored 89.306%.

Natu-el said he is “happy” and feels like he is on cloud 9. He said that everything he achieved was through prayers.

He explained that preparing for the Bar exam was a mindset. Natu-el said that aspirants should not only be preparing during the 6 months review before the exam. He said that it took him years of learning and listening attentively to his professors to prepare.

“Ever since first year in law school, I already had in mind the Bar exam. I ensured I learned everything, I understood everything,” Natu-el said.

“When the Bar exam came, when I read the questions, it’s their voices in my head I hear telling me correct answers,” he said referring to the professors’ advice.

When asked if he wanted to be a topnotcher, Natu-el smiled and said he didn’t expect it but “I have been praying for it. Ever since first year in law school, I’ve been praying for it.”

In fact when the Bar exam result came out, Natu-el was in the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod in SM Seaside Complex (SRP), Cebu City.

“I was there because I was already panicking at home,” he candidly shared.

Natu-el originally planned to just stay at home in the comforts of his room awaiting the results but he couldn’t help the excitement.

When he finally learned the good news and went back home, his family was there to celebrate with him. The proud father of the topnotcher, Retired PNP General Mariano Natu-el was also overwhelmed with the good news. He said that his son has been a consistent achiever, from being a Valedictorian in high school to a Magna cum laude in college and law school. He couldn’t be any more proud.

“My family is very happy for me. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all these without their love and support,” Natu-el shared.

Natu-el said that it was his grandfather who made the biggest influence on him. His “lolo” is a lawyer who motivated him to pursue the profession.

Now that he is a lawyer, Natu-el aims to give back to his parents. He said, “financially, emotionally, everything” he is confident he can repay all the goodness his family provided him.

Natu-el went on to thank all those who believed in him and had faith that he will top the Bar exam. “I could have never achieved this without you,” he said.

Natu-el was one of the four topnotchers produced by the University of San Carlos in Cebu City. The other three are Mark Lawrence C. Badayos placed third (85.842%), Jebb Lynus Q. Cane ranked ninth place (84.805%) while Alen Joel R. Pita ranked 10th (84.693%).

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