Graduate shares story why she calls herself 'God's magna cum laude'

A graduate proudly shared that all her achievements were all because of God’s blessings.

Anne Camille Song or “AC” called herself, “Gods’ magna cum laude” and she shared her heartwarming story online.

Anne Camille Song magna cum laude
AC Song calls herself “God’s Magna Cum Laude” | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/AC Song (Joshua Enriquez)

Just like any young freshman excited for college, AC had a vision for herself and expectations how “easy” college would be. She wrote, “When I entered college, I really thought it was a simple equation of: Money + Intellect + Talents + Kindness = Survival.”

It didn’t take long for the young lady to realize that her expectation “was an utterly erroneous understanding of college.”

Her college years became tumultuous for the freshman when she became a victim of bullying.

AC said that it was “not the friendship-without-bullying-is-boring kind of bullying,” but the kind of acts that devastated her. Her schoolmates made her life like hell inside and outside the walls of their schools.

AC described it, “As long as they find it funny and would make themselves feel better, they would do and say it, regardless of what I would feel... regardless of who could hear them, or who could read their posts.”

AC’s friends even left her and she felt so broken and tormented. She started skipping classes and hating school.

But the fighter that she was, AC fought it all and held on to God. Looking back, she realized that all the pain, bullying and heartaches were all made for her to find God in her life.

Anne Camille Song magna cum laude of God
AC earned a lot of medals but her biggest achievement is finding the Lord | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/AC Song

The graduate wrote, “They might have done it with bad intentions, but the Lord used it to draw me closer to Him and mold me to the person I am now.”

AC continued that if was not for the pain and hardship, she wouldn’t have longed and looked for God. “Everything was never an accident. It was for a greater purpose,” she added.

AC started volunteering and actively attending their church the GCF South Metro Iloilo.

The devout Christian said she started seeing her life in a different light. AC wrote, “Little by little, I learned to love the people who made my college life difficult despite of not receiving the apology I longed for.”

“Not because I wanted to show them that I am a good person, but because of how God loved me despite of being a sinner. ( Romans 5:8 ),” she added.

AC Song magna cum laude of God
AC is proud of her inspiring story and hopes that many would seek the Lord | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/AC Song

AC’s college days were no longer filled with sadness from bullying but happiness from serving the Lord.

AC used her talents to praise the Lord and help other struggling college students. She also ministered to teach young children. Towards the end of her college life, AC was most grateful for everything she had been through, both the good and the bad.

She wrote, “Putting Christ first has led me to even more blessings and achievements.”

The proud graduate also shared a message to those facing struggles in life to seek God first. AC wrote, “Allow God to exceedingly work in your life and see how He could turn any unfortunate events into something amazing.”

AC finished Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at West Visayas State University. But despite the medals, AC has an even greater achievement she’s most proud of.

She wrote, “Among all the things that I have encountered, the greatest was when I encountered the Lord.”

AC post has gone viral with over 12,000 shares on Facebook.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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