This 91-year-old teacher is still passionate in teaching Physics to high school students

They say that when it comes to old age, it just mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. A 91-year-old proud lolo is still very much passionate about teaching even if he is already quite old.

 91-year-old teacher is still passionate in teaching Physics
Gonzalo Maravilla is a 91-year-old teacher | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Energy FM Kalibo

Meet Gonzalo Maravilla, also known as “Lolo Maestro” or fondly called by his students as “Sir Along.” And at 91 years old, his memory is still sharp enough to talk about equations, motion, force and everything in between. Sir Along continues to dedicate his life in teaching Physics to Grade 10 students.

Lolo Maestro has been teaching in Madyaas Institute at Albasan Numancia, Aklan for over 69 years. He started teaching in 1950 and shared that his father, Miguel Maravilla, was one of the founders of the school.

Sir Along said his secret to long life is avoid vices and choosing to eat healthy foods like vegetables. He even happily said, “Wala akong anting-anting.”

The hardworking school teacher said that he has seen so many changes in his lifetime. He even experienced the time when Aklan still didn't have electricity. Sir Along also compared that now some of the students are a bit lazy due to the use of gadgets. He feels great when he finds a smart and hardworking student. The school principal Franklin Ituriaga and most of the teachers were former students of Sir Along.

 91-year-old teacher is still passionate in teaching Physics
Sir Along has been teaching since 1950 | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Energy FM Kalibo

Sir Along also shared that when he's not in school, he spends most of his time tinkering and fixing electronic gadgets. As part of his exercise, he also walks from home going to school everyday. Sir Along shared that thinking about not teaching already makes him weak.

While the Department of Education mandates that teachers should retire at age 65, the school principal explained that Sir Along is still competent at what he does. And since Madyaas Institute is a private school, they decided to allow the elderly teacher to continue his service.

 91-year-old teacher is still passionate in teaching Physics
Sir Along is known as Lolo Maestro | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ FM Kalibo

One of Sir Along's students, Faye Villorente shared that while some old people are often forgetful, Sir Along is still very smart and kind. She said that aside from teaching them about Physics, the kind teacher also teaches them good manners and strengthening faith in God.

Sir Along's story serves as a reminder that passion and dedication know no age.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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