IN PHOTOS: SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak – final device designs, specs and prices

MANILA, Philippines – You may already know that this year, we're going to have at least three new versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

These will be the successors of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, in the form of an S10 (SM-G973F/DS) with a 6.1-inch display, and a S10 Plus (SM-G975F/DS) with a 6.4-inch display.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines

Now, although the display sizes of these devices are larger compared to last year, the devices physically won't be any larger, and that is because they've got smaller bezels with a punch out for the front facing cameras.

UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy S10: official specs, pricing and availability in the Philippines

Since Samsung has been having curved displays for their Samsung Galaxy S-series since the S8, the two S10 devices retain its signature curved displays.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines

In addition to these two versions, there is also a Samsung Galaxy S10e (SM-G970F/DS). This is going to be the new version with a 5.8-inch flat display. It will be the first time in a couple of years that we're going to be getting the flat Samsung Galaxy S device.

And what exactly does the "e" stands for? We're not 100% sure yet. Tech Youtubers in the community have a bit of a chat about this and they think it might stand for everyone. So, Samsung Galaxy S10e "for everyone" because of the lower price.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines


Now, let’s have a look at the cameras. You'll notice that the S10e and the regular S10 have a single punch out for the front facing camera, whereas the S10 Plus has a dual punch out for the front facing cameras because it has two front facing cameras on it.

Initial assumption is that they're going to work similarly to what we've got on the Google Pixels, for example, and that is a regular angle of view lens, as well as an ultra-wide for your group selfies.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines

What about the rear facing cameras? The good news is that the S10 as well as the S10 Plus will both have triple rear facing cameras. How these are going to work is not 100% confirmed yet, but the assumption is that we're going to have a regular angle of view camera, a telephoto camera, which is going to give you optical zoom, as well as an ultra-wide camera. This is a great all-around triple camera setup and something we're going to be seeing a lot more of this year as compare also on other brand’s flagship.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines

The S10e however doesn’t have that triple camera action and have two rear facing cameras instead. These are likely to be a regular camera as well as a telephoto camera, something that we've seen on previous Samsung Galaxy devices.


Now all displays are Super AMOLED displays protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 6, something that Samsung does very, very well, so colors will be vibrant, and blacks will be deep. And resolution-wise we are looking at Quad HD Plus, for all the devices as well. As observed, the S10e have a slightly lower resolution based on actual device.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines


Looks like Samsung is going to be sticking to their traditional metal and glass sandwich, so that's a metal frame with glass panels on the front and back. And initially it will be released with three color variants, prism black, prism green, as well as pearl white.

It is said that there’s a blue version later. But the S10e may also come in a canary yellow which means lots of color options for the S10e. With all those color options, Samsung is going head to head with the iPhone 10.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines

Sources added there will be a ceramic black as well as a ceramic white version of the top tier S10 Plus. So, this is going to be the most expensive version and all three devices will have the Bixby button on them.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines


Good news to lot of you guys especially for the fans out there and will be very pleased to hear. Samsung is holding on to that 3.5mm jack at least for this year.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines


How about the batteries? All S10s come with large batteries, 3100 for the S10e, 3400 for the S10, and 4100 for the S10 Plus. All these sports with fast and fast wireless charging as well.

But the new feature is going to be reverse wireless charging. This is something that we initially saw on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and it's where you can use your device to wireless charge another device. For the S10s, based from a regulatory filing, reveals that the S10s may have up to 9 watts of wireless reverse charging. A much faster charging time than Huawei.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines


Out of the norms, we forgot to check the benchmark on Antutu app. It’s either Samsung Exynos 9820 or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. As always, this is going to vary depending on your region.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines

And the S10s are equipped with Android Pie out of the box, with Samsung's One UI. One UI, much cleaner and much easier to use with one hand.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines


Now what about the different storage versions and pricing? A tweet from @IshanAgarwal24 has leaked the most accurate range of each device’s cost.

The S10e, expected to have six gigabytes of RAM, with 128 gigabytes of storage, and this is going to be retailing at around 749 euros (~Php 44,200.00).

The entry level regular S10 is going to come with the same RAM and storage at 899 euros (~Php 53,000.00), but there is also going to be an eight gigabyte of RAM version with 512 gigabytes of storage, coming in at 1149 euros (~Php 67,800.00).

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series leak photo Philippines

Finally, the S10 Plus with higher configurations at higher prices as well. The top of the line S10 Plus flagship is going to come with 12 gigabytes of RAM with insane one-terabyte (1TB) of storage and is expected to cost around 1499 euros (~Php 88,400.00). This is the version that's going to come in the ceramic options.

Approximate conversion of the prices shown and rounded off but you can do the math for the exact conversion and never forget to consider the differences in taxes, etc.

The devices are likely to go on sale shortly after the unboxing on February 21 and official announcement on February 26 in the Philippines.


According to a reliable source, Samsung will release a special edition S10, that's going to be supporting 5G in UK and US. And that may be announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) but will be coming at a later stage.

That's everything that we know about the new Samsung Galaxy S10.

Does your expectation meet by the actual release of the S10 devices? Comment your thoughts below.

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