Company to hire thousands of Filipino English teachers for Chinese kids

MANILA, Philippines – A company that aims to teach English to Chinese is gearing towards expansion by hiring more Filipino English teachers.
Company to hire thousands of Filipino English teachers for Chinese kids

Company to hire thousands of Filipino English teachers for Chinese kids
51Talk is looking at hiring 100,000 English teachers | Photo Courtesy: Screengrab/ANC’s Early Edition

US-listed company 51Talk is looking at hiring thousands of Filipinos who can teach English for Chinese children online.

51Talk’s founder and CEO Jack Huang said that the demand to learn the English language grew so much that they are looking at hiring as much as 100,000 more Filipino teachers within 5 years.

Their company is currently employing 18,000 online English teachers, of which, 16,000 are Filipinos.

Established in 2011, 51Talks is proud that the are fastest growing online English Language Teaching (ELT) platform both in China and the Philippines. It has created thousands of job opportunities for many Filipinos.

Huang said that many Chinese are finding ways to increase their English proficiency and with English online education at an estimated worth of $50 billion, more and more teachers are needed.

51Talk currently employs 16,000 Filipino teachers
51Talk currently employs 16,000 Filipino teachers all over the country | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/51Talk

The Chinese CEO added that they are keen at choosing Filipinos as teachers. He said, “We believe that Filipino teachers are the best teachers, best online English teachers in the world to teach Chinese kids.”

Huang described Filipino teachers as, “Naturally happy and friendly,” perfect teachers for Chinese aged 5 to 12 years, which make up about 80 percent of their students.

While the company is open to venturing to other countries, Huang said that due to China and the Philippines’ “cultural connection” and timezone, they prefer Filipino teachers.

Huang explained that while there are other ESL companies in the country, 51Talk invests in their curriculum and technology to help both teacher and student achieve their goals.

Qualifications to become an online English Teacher are:

  • Bachelor's degree / Graduate of a 4-year course
  • Experience teaching kids / K12 / Early Childhood / Elementary (preferred)
  • English teaching certifications such as LET / TEYL / TESOL / TEFL (preferred)
  • Must have passion, energy, and enthusiasm in teaching

Interested applicants can check 51Talk’s website for more information.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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