Feng Shui master shares what’s in store for you this Year of the Pig 2019

MANILA, Philippines – The Year of the Pig is bound to be a “positive year” for most of the Chinese zodiac signs this 2019, as revealed by Feng Shui master.

Maritess Allen, the only Filipina to be awarded the title of “Master of Feng Shui” by the International Feng Shui Association has shared her predictions on what's in store for you in the coming Year of the Pig.

Will 2019 bring you good luck?
The Year of the Pig is a year of abundance but be careful with excesses. Photo Courtesy: Public Domain Image

People born under the Year of the Pig are often carefree beings who enjoy comfort. They are compassionate and generous people who sometimes cannot say no to helping their family members.

The Feng Shui master also warned that while the Year of the Pig may be a season of abundance, we should also be careful with our “excesses,” especially excessive spending.

Here's a sneak peak at the forecasts Feng Shui Master Marites has shared:

Rat: Great fortune awaits you this year. Your fabulous networking abilities will bring you good luck and money. Even your love and career all look positively good.

Ox: The hardworking Ox needs to take a breather and focus more on your health this year. There's a threat of an illness. You need to be more mindful of your physical and mental health. Practice tolerance and be more careful.

Tiger: The fiery Tiger can expect a good year but there's also a threat of an illness. You need to take good care of yourself. You must also learn to work more and do more than what's expected from you.

Rabbit: The joyful Rabbit will have a hectic 2019. But don't fret because there's a possible cash inflow amidst the windfalls that you will face.

Dragon: The Dragon will be visited by the “Robbery Star” this year. There's a chance of loss or fraud so protect yourself. Keep a watchful eye on your investments and properties.

Snake: The Snake will be facing a “conflict year” this 2019. To counter the tough times, you must resist flaunting and only keep a low profile. Do more charitable works and remember to take it easy when times are challenging.

Horse: The Horse can expect “heavenly fortune” this year. To keep the good fortune coming, you must stay out of conflicts and troubles.

Sheep: The Sheep can expect a “spill over” of the opportunities both in career and business from last year to this year. But be careful because a Misfortune Star is expected to give you a visit and may result to losses.

Monkey: The smart Monkey can expect more money this year. Possible cash inflows can be expected, especially if you have property investments. Luck is on your side in almost all aspects but be careful of backstabbers who might sabotage you.

Rooster: The Rooster needs to reflect on his mistakes this year. It's the time to learn and let go of past mistakes. Changes within yourself should be made. Keep a cool demeanor and be mindful of your health.

Dog: For the loyal Dog, there's no need to explore new ventures. Stay focused on your goals since you can expect a few delays or challenges. You need to work harder and redouble your efforts this year.

Pig: The carefree Pig needs to be more careful this year. There's a growth in income but there are losses too. Avoid spending too much, even on investments. Your savings may even face losses, so be careful.

Will 2019 bring you good luck?

— Sally, The Summit Express

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