Netizens react, share redesigned logo of 2019 SEA Games

MANILA, Philippines – When Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano unveiled the logo for the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, which will be hosted by the Philippines, social media went abuzz with criticism over the underwhelming logo that many thought was too simple for something so significant.
proposed logo SEA Games 2019

“Our logo will be the 11 circles representing the 11 countries bound together in the shape of the Philippines to symbolize that wherever and whenever the games are played, we are one and we will as one,” he explained.

SEA Games 2019 tentative logo draws flak
Photo credit: 30th SEA Games - Clark 2019 / Facebook

But while the logo was symbolic in a way, as explained by Cayetano, many still thought it was ugly.

“Parang kinulang sa creativity. Walang wala dun sa 2005 SEA Games logo,” one netizen wrote.

Someone called the logo as the ‘ugliest logo ever’ while another said that even a 5-year-old could create that thing.

While some appreciated the logo for taking the form of the country as a map, many still thought that it would be something that other countries would just laugh about. After all, if Filipinos are laughing at it, many believe that foreigners would surely feel the same thing.

Hours after the logo was unveiled, a lot of netizens uploaded their own versions of the logo – with awesome results! Just like the official logo, they explained what their versions meant.

“Since sobrang gigil ko sa logo ng 2019 SEA Games I tried creating one.. I'm not great in graphic design but I want to try.... Mukha ba siyang minimalist eagle.. :( haha #artph triggered ako that I channeled my stress and breakdowns here…” shared Twitter user @luisddomingo.

“My own take of SEA GAMES LOGO; Pearl of the Orient Sea inspired.
I used the sun rays of our Philippines flag to represent purity, sportsmanship, integrity plus dignity and calm of the south sea pearl or the Philippine Pearl. #SEAGames2019,” posted Twitter user @klpotente.

“Philippine 2019 Sea Games logo mockup.
Did this in less than 15 minutes. The official one looks like we didn’t even try to put effort. Shame,” another unimpressed, Twitter user @raphaelmiguel, wrote.

“My version of SEA GAMES LOGO: Blazing Philippine Eagle
The eagle symbolizes strength & power. It has 10 feathers representing the 10 countries participating in the event & the head symbolizes the host country. Blaze, symbolizes fire a start of something. #SEAGames2019,” Twitter user @kvpingkian posted.

There are at least a dozen fresh ideas posted by netizens, making many hope that the committee will change their minds and use any of these designs as the official logo instead of the one they had come up with.

But while most people were angry over the bad logo design, others have found comic relief in the situation.

“The tentative logo for SEA Games 2019 was revealed last night and has drawn flak from netizens. Here in Assortedge, we put the logo to other purposes. #AESatire,” @assortedge wrote.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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