VIRAL: Friendly reminder to attend wedding only when invited

MANILA, Philippines – An events organizer shared their client’s experience with a “close friend” who wanted to be invited to their wedding.
Netizen shares friendly reminder to attend weddings only when invited

Wedding is indeed an important affair. It’s a gathering of families and friends but most importantly, it’s a day to celebrate the union of a couple. Sadly, there are those who take advantage of the occasion either to join the feast or have something to flaunt on social media.

Take the experience of a soon-to-be bride who was asked by a “friend” if he can attend her wedding and even bring his girlfriend along. On Facebook, Project Vanity Events shared a screenshot from their client about the conversation.

A friend of the couple way back in college messaged the soon-to-be bride. They have not communicated for a several years already so the friend was not part of the guest list. The couple also wanted an intimate wedding with only a few friends and family.

Netizen shares friendly reminder to attend weddings only when invited
“Kuya guest” wanted to be invited to the wedding and bring along his girlfriend | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Project Vanity Events

The conversation starts with “Kuya guest” messaging the soon-to-be bride asking, “Uy, ikakasal ka na pala. Invited ba kami? Dadalhin ko sana girlfriend ko pwede ba?”

The soon-to-be bride apologized that they are working on a budget and cannot accommodate any more guests. She replied, “Hi. Sorry our wedding is for our family and close friends only. Limited lang din kasi ang budget kaya we prepared only for a few guests.”

The friend agreed but not without dropping hints that his girlfriend already prepared for the wedding and would really feel bad. He said, “Ay ganun ba. Sayang nasabi ko pa naman sa girlfriend ko na aattend kami ng kasal kaya nagprepare na siya. Sige salamat na lang.”

The appalled woman couldn’t help but reply, “Ha?? I’m sorry but we never invited you. We personally invited our close friends and family lang. Hindi porke’t nagpost kami sa Facebook na magpapakasal kami eh invited na lahat. Hope you understand.”

The events organizer who shared the screenshots explained that “Couples work on a budget, hindi sila mag papa fiesta.” They added a reminder to all guests to wait for the couple to personally invite them to the wedding and “not voluntarily confirm your presence specially if hindi naman kayo talaga ganun ka close.”

The Facebook post has gone viral as more netizens shared their similar experiences. It has over 14,000 reactions and 7,800 shares since posting.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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