Trillanes says he sympathizes with professionals on CPD law

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Antonio Trillanes IV admitted that he sympathizes with the local professionals affected by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law.

On online forum Reddit, the senator who authored the controversial CPD law answered several concerns from the netizens. Trillanes said he understood the “pains” of the CPD law to our professionals. He wrote, “I totally sympathize with our professionals as they go through the growing pains of this new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) law.”

Trillanes says he sympathizes with professionals on CPD law
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV says he sympathizes the “growing pains” professionals have with the CPD law | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

The senator went on to share that they have been finding ways to improve and help the local professionals with their concerns. Trillanes stated, “My office has already conducted 3 public hearings to address some concerns and has been closely working with the PRC to make the CPD programs affordable and accessible to them.”

Trillanes added, “We have gained headway in providing free CPD programs for public school teachers and nurses as both the DepEd and DOH are mandated to be CPD providers. We were also able to reduce the required CPD units for certain professions.”

The senator also shared they are considering other options to make the courses more accessible and affordable such as providing online seminars.

The CPD law has been the center of ire from local professionals. Several lawmakers have already filed House Bill No. 7171 to help abolish the controversial CPD Law. They called it an “unnecessary law” that has been a burden to the professionals.


Senator Trillanes stayed firm with the importance of pushing for CPD units to the local professionals. He explained that it is a requisite for the ASEAN integration. Trillanes said, “If we didn’t pass that, our professionals would be placed [at] disadvantage because the professionals in other member-states can work here while ours cannot work in their countries.”

Trillanes continued that the CPD aims to helps professionals meet “global standards and be updated with the latest trends and best practices.”

Lastly, the senator pointed out other countries also have their own CPD laws or programs.

PRC statement

Early this year, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released a statement that they are exercising “maximum flexibility” in the implementation of the CPD law.

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— Sally, The Summit Express

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