#Kadamutan101: Student prints name on his yellow pad paper to lessen giveaways


MANILA, Philippines – Remember when your teacher asked the class to prepare a piece of paper for a quiz and everyone would look at you and say, “pahingi”?
#Kadamutan101: Student prints name on his yellow pad paper to lessen giveaways

This student shared a genius idea on how to lessen giveaways to his classmates and even save up on some cash.

John Cyril F. Ambrocio, a grade 12 STEM (senior high school) student shared on Twitter a photo of his yellow pad paper all printed with his name at the top corner. He wrote, “Pinrintan ko ang pangalan ko lahat ng yellow pad ko para walang humingi sa ‘kin. *Advance ako mag-isip* #kadamutan101.”

While some called him out for being a bit greedy, Ambrocio defended himself that his yellow pad doesn’t even last for a month because of all the giveaways. He wrote, “Hindi naman sa pagdadamot pero I just realized na wala pang one month, paubos na agad yellow pad ko jusko.”

The creative student said that at first he was planning to write his name on all pages by hand but realized that printing them would be so much better. Ambrocio said, “At first, isusulat ko lang dapat yung pangalan ko sa lahat ng page kaso tinamad ako. Naisip ko na may printer nga pala, kaya ayun. I tried kung gagana ba sya if magprint ako sa yellow pad. Then ayun nga, it worked, HAHA!"

His idea seemed to work as Ambrocio noticed that his yellow pad supply no longer ran out fast than before. Ambrocio explained, “Kakatuwa ba na gumana kase kahit papaano, hindi na agad ako mauubusan. Ohaaa!!"

Ambrocio even quipped, “Pero sa papel lang naman ako nagdadamot HAHAHAHA. Wala kase sila sa budget ng mama ko.”

For those who asked Ambrocio on how he successfully printed it, he even gave the printing settings. He said, “I-set yung size ng papel sa 8.5" by 13", tapos yung left at right margin ay 0.3", yung top ay 1". Type mo na po pangalan mo. Pilasin isa-isa yung yellow pad. Iyuuun, print mo na po.”

Netizens couldn’t help but laud the student’s resourcefulness some describing him as, “taba ng utak,” “napakatalino” and even the popular meme, “Advance ako mag-isip.”

The tweet has gone viral with over 43,000 likes and more than 9,000 retweets to date.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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