Filipina helper walks barefoot on broken glass to save Singaporean toddler

    An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) was a hero to a Singaporean family as she walked barefoot on broken glass to save the toddler she was not even in charge of.

    Filipina helper walks barefoot on broken glass to save Singaporean toddler
    Filipina helper Sheryl saves a toddler | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/PeiRong 'nohsslw

    On Facebook, user PeiRong 'nohsslw shared a heartwarming story of how her sister’s Filipina helper, Sheryl saved her son during an unfortunate accident. Peirong explained that she visited her sister’s house when her son wanted to pee. Inside the comfort room, the toddler forcibly tried to move the sliding door until it shattered on top of him. The floor was covered with dangerous shards of tiny glass.

    Filipina helper walks barefoot on broken glass to save Singaporean toddler
    Sheryl walked barefoot on broken glass to save Singaporean toddler | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/PeiRong 'nohsslw

    Probably out of fright, the toddler instinctively wanted to make his first step right into the broken glass. But Peirong was very thankful for Sheryl’s quick thinking, the Singaporean mother explained, “With Sheryl’s ability to remain calm at a crucial time, she shouted at my son refraining him from taking another step onto the glass shards. Next, she told Jena who was in state of shock to lift him up. Without a second thought, Sheryl walked into the toilet with her BAREFOOT to carry him out."

    Peirong was at lost for words for Sheryl’s selfless act. She said, “She could have dangerously hurt herself but I was completely touched by her braveness and selfless act. She is a remarkable person who always put others before herself.”

    The little boy was sent to the hospital for an examination immediately after the accident. Aside from a few minor cut on his head, Peirong was thankful that he is safe and no stitches were required.

    Raising Awareness

    Aside from sharing the Filipina helper’s heroic act, Peirong also wanted to raise awareness on the danger tempered glass to children. She said, “NEVER let your guard down by letting your children to touch or close the door if it’s made of tempered glass.”

    According to the website Do It Yourself, tempered glass is considered one of the safest types of glass. It is designed to shatter into small or tiny pieces so it doesn’t cause big cuts or injuries. However, it is still important to practice precaution when handling it especially around children.

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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