Fil-am boy begs on the streets to feed family, wishes to find American dad

A Fil-American boy who has been begging on the streets, hopes to find his American father.

Fil-am boy begs on the streets to feed family, wishes to find American dad
Tisoy Melchor hopes to find American dad | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Docx Zaiclen

Johnsy Melchor or “Tisoy’s” Caucasian skin stands out amidst the beggars on the streets. The 10-year-old boy is now a breadwinner as he tries to find means to feed his mother and two younger brothers. The small family lives on a public park in Angeles City. Life hasn't been easy for Tisoy and his family.

His mother, Cynthia revealed that Tisoy's father left her even before their son was born. She said, “Hinabol ko po siya sa kanyang apartment na tinutuluyan pero, sa madaling salita po, hindi ko po siya naabutan. Gusto ko pong mahahanap, sir para po matulungan 'yung anak ko.”

Tisoy, soon grew up with a stepfather and had two younger siblings. But as fate would have it, he too left them.

Since then, Cynthia shared that Tisoy promised them that he will fill in the big shoes their fathers left. Cynthia said, “Sabi niya sa 'kin, 'Mama, gagawin ko lahat para hindi tayo magutom.”

Tisoy goes viral

Tisoy's story became viral after a netizen, Docx Zaiclen posted on Facebook his photos and videos.

Zaiclen's updates soon revealed that Tisoy has been wishing that somehow, he would soon meet his father. Netizens were moved with the story and several of them extended their help to Tisoy's family.

The post has been shared 14,000 times since posting.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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