Original singers of “Say Something” impressed with KZ’s version of the song

MANILA, Philippines - The singers of the hit song “Say Something” was blown away by KZ Tandingan’s rendition of the song.

“Say Something” was sung by American duo, A Great Big World
“Say Something” was sung by American duo, A Great Big World | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ A Great Big World

The American indie pop duo, A Great Big World had a few but meaningful words for KZ. On Twitter, their official account retweeted the video of KZ’s Singer performance and captioned it with, “Wow. @KZ Wow.”

KZ seems to have been surprised with the attention and appreciate the compliment. She also replied to the tweet saying, “Whoa. Thanks so much for appreciating!”

KZ’s dramatic performance of “Say Something”
KZ’s dramatic performance of “Say Something” | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/KZ Tandingan

During the seventh episode of Singer 2018, KZ roused the audience with her acoustic version of “Say Something.” The singer-performer admitted that she felt nervous with the results because the audience’s response wasn’t as warm compared to her previous performance. In the end, she felt relieved that she’s back in the top 5 as she ranked number 4 for that week.

KZ answers a basher who told her “Wala ka sa timing”

KZ’s dramatic performance may have been impressive but she still couldn’t get away from a few bashers.

A netizen on Twitter commented on KZ’s “Say Something” performance saying, “"@KZofficial pakinggan mo naman ung music as background sa Singer 2018, wala ka sa timing beh. Sayang."

KZ decided to explain that it merely because of post-editing issues. She replied, “Inaayos nila ngayon. Kasi nagkaproblema sila sa post editing ng video kaya nagka ganun. Sorry beh ha nasayang tuloy. Tag kita pag naibalik na nila sa original. Thank you beh."

A few hours later, Cornerstone, the company managing the career of KZ uploaded the new copy of the video and explained, "KZ prepared a different song for this episode and the arrangement for that song came from the Philippines. Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS) decided last minute to change the song because they felt the song is not well known in China and asked KZ to perform "Say Something" instead since this is one of the songs she performed during audition that really left a mark on them.”

"We had to fly Macoy (her guitarist) last minute for this and she only got to rehearse this song on the day of the recording but still delivered an awesome performance. We love you! KZ Tandingan"

— Sally, The Summit Express

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