Good vibes! Watch this taxi driver perfectly impersonates President Duterte

MANILA, Philippines - A taxi driver from Davao is now gaining popularity for his impersonation of President Rodrigo Duterte.

A Facebook post by Rachelle Oyette Dequina on Thursday, February 1, is making the rounds online after she took a video of her taxi driver. Dequina shared that she was on the way home from work and was terribly tired. She asked the driver if his rate meter is already calibrated. When he answered not yet, Dequina was ready to into an argument. The lady passenger said that’s when the driver went “Nag-umpisa na siya bilang maging isang Duterte.”

Identified to be Elcias Bugsad, the taxi driver hilariously impersonates the voice and even accent of the country's highest official.

taxi driver perfectly impersonates President Duterte
Elcias Bugsad dubs himself as Duterte 2 | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Rachelle Dequina

Bugsad fondly dubs himself as “Duterte 2, presidente sa umaga, taxi driver sa gabi." He can also perfectly impersonate Duterte’s iconic line, “I hate drugs.” He also goes on with some of funny lines such as, “If you want to follow me, I guarantee you likod ko lang makita n'yo."

A former OFW, Bugsad admits that he idolizes the President. Back when the President had a local show in Davao, Bugad would observe his actions and tried to mimic his voice.

The now viral Davao taxi driver revealed that he had been doing the impersonation for two years now because he loved making his passengers laugh.

Watch the viral video here:

— Sally, The Summit Express

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