Doctors reattach severed arm of woman after MRT accident

MANILA, Philippines - Doctors were able to successfully reattach the severed arm of a woman who lost it after falling from the platform of MRT 3 Ayala Station in Makati City on Tuesday.

Doctors reattach severed arm of woman after MRT accident
Heartbreaking accident in MRT Ayala Station. Photo Credit: Facebook/Celia Eya Castillo
Department of Transportation (DOTr) Undersecretary Cesar Chavez gave some positive updates about Angeline Fernando, the woman who met an unfortunate accident. Chavez said, “Angeline's arm is reconnected to her body; the bone, the nerve and vessels are reconnected. She is under observation at least until Friday.”

Chavez also stated that Fernando cut her arm from the armpit after falling in between the two train cars.

Angeline’s mother, Gloria also confirmed that her daughter has a history of fainting usually after she feels dizzy around a crowd.

Chavez further explained that the DOTr will investigate on the accident to look into the readiness of the personnel during emergency situations.

This came after a netizen, Celia Castillo posted on Facebook on how ill-equipped the staff were during the accident. Castillo posted, “Good thing one woman was courageous enough to tend to [Fernando].”

“She was asking for a cloth to use [on Fernando]. I gave my cardigan. She tied it on [Fernando’s] upper arm to hopefully stop the bleeding. And I had to tell the guards, please get a medic, call an ambulance. Lahat natataranta (Everyone was panicking). No staff had the courage to take the arm from the rails. Please MRT management equip your people for this kind of situation.”

Chavez stated that although they will be shouldering the costs of medical bills, they will also be seeking assistance from other agencies to help Fernando who is a breadwinner.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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