Magpasikat 2017: Karylle and Jhong perform a unique musical- insect love story

On the final stretch of It's Showtime Magpasikat 2017, Karylle and Jhong Hilario’s performance didn’t disappoint as the madlang people enjoyed a Broadway-inspired musical about a cockroach and a caterpillar’s love story. It had a beautiful backdrop and showed the pure talents with the rest of the Hashtags and GirlTrends dancers.

Karylle and Jhong perform a unique musical- insect love story
Photo Credit: Instagram/Karylle Tatlonghari
Karylle and Jhong were joined by McCoy de Leon, Jon Lucas, Wilbert Ross and Maru Delgado. They presented a performance worthy to be applauded. Karylle once described Magpasikat as “testing one’s limit.”

The performance began with a skit that shows a cockroach’s hugot on love. Much to everyone’s surprise, Jhong came on stage in a cockroach costume. Karylle showdowns as a sexy beautiful caterpillar. Everyone was in awe in a love story performance between the beautiful caterpillar and lowly cockroach. They even had spiders as villains. Jhong also spoofed the other teams’ performance. It had the perfect mix of drama, music, acting and comedy.

Complete with artful backdrops, their singing prowess and acting chops, they presented a theatrical play that was just beautiful to watch.

The hurados all felt the message of the performance. Direk Rory was almost speechless saying “napanga-nga talaga ako.” Ina Raymundo and Marc Logan was nothing but all praises for the talents of Jhong, Karylle and even the rest of the Hashtags and GirlTrends dancers. The Diamond Star admitted that she is having a hard time judging because all the performances were “lahat may puso.”

WATCH: Team Jhong and Karylle Magpasikat 2017 performance (video courtesy of ABS-CBN Entertainment)

On Thursday, Team Vhong Navarro performed a tear-jerking performance that highlights on being alone and moving forward from life’s tragedies.

It was all fun and positive vibes as Anne Curtis, Nadine Lustre and Ryan Bang invited us all to a colorful love parade on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, it was all about love for Vice Ganda, Teddy Corpuz and Jugs Jugueta's team. Teddy proposed and married his wife again on national television.

On Monday, Billy Crawford, James Reid and Amy Perez kicked off the Magpasikat Week with magical tricks.

The grand prize winner, who will take home P300,000 for their chosen charity and of course, some bragging rights, will be revealed this Saturday.

Last year, everyone held their breaths as Anne with Amy and Joey Marquez rappelled down the ABS-CBN building as they won 2016’s winner. Who will reign supreme this year?

-- Sally, The Summit Express

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