LOOK: Alleged photos of Xander Ford emerge online

    MANILA, Philippines - As netizens anticipate the new look of former Hasht5 member Marlou Arizala a.k.a. Xander Ford following his cosmetic procedure, alleged photos of him have emerged online.

    VIDEO: Rated K reveals new look of Marlou Arizala

    In a Facebook post on Ethel Booba’s Charotism, two photos of a man who bears resemblance with Arizala were posted. But unlike the former boyband member, the man has a noticeably higher nose bridge and a sharper chin.

    Alleged photos of Xander Ford emerge online
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Ethel Booba’s Charotism
    It could be recalled that Arizala had a nose job and chin augmentation last September 4 at Marikina Doctors Hospital and Medical Center. Aside from changing his facial features, Arizala intends to change his entire look including his hairstyle and clothing.

    “Lahat yung kulay ko, hairstyle, pananamit kung ano man yung nakita niyo ngayon lahat yun magbabago,” he said in his interview with Rated K.

    Shortly after the photos circulated online, Arizala quickly clarified that the photos that emerged were fake. According to him, the photos that surfaced were just his old photos taken in 2016 that had been manipulated. He insisted that his new look will be unveiled in the upcoming episode of Rated K.

    “Babala sa Kumakalat na Picture na ito. Haha Galing Nyo mag Edit ah. Pangit paren. 😂 😂 Sana naman pinaputi nyo naman ako Tapos Nilinis nyo manlang Tenga ko. ano gamit mo Editor 😜 🤗 Gigil nyo si ako e. tyaka Take note Gagamit ka ng Puri ng iba para sa Papuri mo. Ang Galing mo. Alam Nyo paniwalaan nyo kapag TV yung pang gagalingan Video. or live ko. Picture Halatang Edit pa. 2016 payan eh Sa Condo namin nila Fhat,Hazel ako Etc At ito pa Ang Haba ng Caption pinaganda pa. Halata namang Edited. Ano Throwback Picture kuna bayun. matangos na pala ako dati ah. Hahhaha Basta Intayin nyoang Akong totong Transformation. 😭 Sa Rated K.”

    Meanwhile, Star Image Artist Management also issued a statement regarding the photos. According to the agency, Arizala is still recovering at home as his face has not fully healed.

    “There has been an "alleged leaked photos" of Marlou describing his latest looks after his reported operation. It came to our attention and to Xander, and confirmed that the photos were edited/manipulated. His face is not fully healed and some parts are still swollen. It's impossible for him to expose his face yet like the fake photos shown, as prescribed by his Doctor. Xander is still recovering and just resting at home.”

    -- Mini, The Summit Express

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