WATCH: BFF’s faces botched due to petroleum injectable fillers

MANILA, Philippines - Instead of enhancing their looks, three friends from Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte ended up having botched faces after getting dirt cheap “fillers” injected on their faces.

Just like many transwomen, Alvina Bernardes, Maui Cababao, and Nina Lavadia dreamed of having a face that could launch a thousand ships. However, they didn’t have enough money to afford expensive treatments by licensed doctors which cost around P20,000 to P50,000.

BFF’s faces botched due to petroleum injectable fillers
PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube/ GMA Public Affairs
In 2009, a certain Janet offered to give Alvina cheek enhancement for only P500. Since the price was only a portion of the usual price, Alvina decided to avail of her services.

“Inanyayahan kami na “gusto niyo ba magpaganda na mura lang?” Na-curious ako sa sarili ko. P500 daw ang babayaran,” Alvina told Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

However, instead of using the usual fillers used by doctors, Janet apparently used melted petroleum jelly. She injected it on Alvina’s cheeks, nose and chin. For the first few months, Alvina was satisfied with the result of her treatment.

After seeing how the treatment enhanced their friend’s looks, Maui and Nina also availed of Janet’s services. However, the real effect of the cheap injectable filler started showing its effects after six months.

“Mabigat tas parang ang init kasi petroleum jelly” Pag ganun nang pisngi, bagong ligo ka, ang init. Parang nag-react yung petroleum so makikita mo talaga nag-pula siya,” Maui recounted.

Not only were they negatively affected by the cheap treatment, even their families suffered the consequences of their wrong decision.

Nina’s mom Teresita, who wasn’t aware that her son is gay, had difficulty accepting what happened to Nina’s face. But instead of driving away her daughter, she decided to support her by giving her their family’s savings intended for the renovation of their house.

“Kasi mahal yung opera umabot ata P100,000 ata yun. Para sa bahay namen na naipon wala. Para lang makita na maayos sana ang mukha niya,” Teresita said.

Meanwhile, despite the painful comments they get from people, Alvina remains positive and continues joining beauty pageants.

“Positive lang ako sa lahat. Kahit ganito meron naman kasing mga taong nakakaintindi din saken. Sabi nga nila proud sila saken kasi nakakaya ko humarap sa kanila. Nakakaya ko pa din sumali,” Alvina said.

Dr. Henry Claraval, a facial plastic surgeon, warned against treatments using petroleum jelly as fillers. He advised patients to have their faces enhanced by licensed doctors in clinics.

“Pag ka makita niyo sa kanyang lalagyan nakalagay for external use only at hindi ito dapat iniinject sa mukha ng isang tao dahil lubha itong delikado. Hindi ito tinatanggap ng ating katawan at kadalasan ang katawan naten ay kino-consider ito na isang foreign body,” Dr. Claraval explained.

Fortunately, good samaritans reached out to help raise funds for the corrective surgeries of the transwomen. With support from netizens, Alvina, Maui and Nina were brought to Manila and underwent surgery at RZQ The Aesthetic Surgery Clinic.

Currently, the three are still recovering from their surgeries. It would take months before the results of their operations can be seen.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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