VIRAL POST: Man who married single mom with two kids earns praises

In the Philippines, single moms often get judged for having a child out of wedlock or a failed relationship. Some men even hesitate to have a serious relationship or even marry them because of the stigma. Many fail to recognize the hardships and struggles that they face in single-handedly raising their children.

Kimark Futalan, a man who married a single mom with two kids, has decided to share their love story in order to break misconceptions about single moms. His inspiring Facebook post on Proud Bisaya has quickly gone viral and earned praises from netizens.

Man who married single mom with two kids earns praises
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Proud Bisaya
Futalan, who recently tied the knot with Sofhia Angela “Angel” Tido Garcia, revealed they got to know each other through Facebook. Although Angel already have two kids with another man, Futalan said he truly accepts and loves Angel and her kids.

Initially, they were on a long-distance relationship for a year as Angel was working as an OFW in Saudi Arabia. Before he could personally meet Angel, Futalan already took the opportunity to get to know Angel’s family as well as her kids. He even promised Angel’s father that he will marry his daughter.

When Angel finally returned to the Philippines, they decided to live together until they finally got married.

In his post, Futalan urged men to love and fully accept single mothers.

“Nais kong sabihin sa inyo, pag nagmahal tayo matuto tayong tumanggap, kung ano at sino sya. Hindi rin porket single mother ay huhusgahan natin sila, Sila yung mga babaeng matatag, mga babaeng kahit nagkaruon ng hindi magandang nakaraan ay pilit na tinataguyod ang kanilang anak.”

Contrary to popular, Futalan said it’s not really difficult to love a child who isn’t yours. According to Futalan, these kids shouldn’t stop you from loving and marrying single moms.

“Sa aking karanasan, Napatunayan ko na hindi mahalaga kung kadugo mo yung bata, Hindi mahalaga yung pang huhusga ng ibang tao, basta malinis at totoo ang hangarin mo wala kang pakealam sa sasabihin ng iba. Ang mahalaga masaya kayo, nagkakaunawaan, nagdadamayan at nagrerespetuhan,” Futalan wrote.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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