Honest parking boy who returned P7,000-cash gets full scholarship

“Be honest, like karma it will eventually come back to you.”

Days after his story went viral on Facebook, Andrey Macabuhay, the young boy who returned P7,000-cash dropped by a customer, is about to experience his share of good karma.

parking boy who returned P7,000-cash gets full scholarship

In Dindo Lorenzo’s Facebook post, he narrated Andrey’s incredible act of kindness. At around 1 am on August 20, Dindo unknowingly dropped his money while taking his phone out of his pocket. He then proceeded inside a McDonald’s branch in Sta. Maria, Bulacan to order food for his family.

But before he could even place his order, Andrey called him to tell him that he actually dropped his money amounting to P7,000. Such amount could have tempted anyone, but Andrey said he didn’t have second thoughts on returning it for the simple reason that it wasn’t his money.

To reward his honesty, Dindo gave Andrey cash, which the latter would give his mother. Andrey works as a parking boy in the said restaurant to help support his family as his father, who has vision problems, could no longer work.

But Andrey’s inspiring story didn’t end there.

In fact, Andrey’s life is about to change after many netizens recognized his incredible act of kindness.

After being moved by his story, good samaritans decided to reward the young boy’s honesty with a scholarship grant that will allow him to finish college education. Moreover, he also gets to have benefits that will make schooling easier for him such as benefits for his food allowance, school uniform, school supplies, books, as well as employment assistance after college graduation.

“Sa murang edad natuto ng maghanapbuhay para makatulong sa pamilya.. ang batang parking boy n nd natukso sa pera khit sa kabila ng kahirapan sa buhay nd sya ntukso sa pera..ang kanyang katapatan ay agad na suklian.. saludo aq sa mga batang tulad mo..mabuhay k!”

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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